Manage table reservations

Manage all table reservations using a smart reservation system. By automating your booking requests, you”ll save time and reduce the workload of your staff. An easy-to-use booking interface provides an excellent overview and streamlines the reservation management process.

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All reservation management features

Online bookings

Enable guests to reserve easily and conveniently in restaurants online and receive table bookings even outside of your opening hours. By embedding the reservation tool directly into your Google business profile, you can increase your reservations by up to 30%.



Easy to integrate on any website, Facebook, Instagram and of course directly on Google!


Room selection

You want to accept table reservations separately for different rooms? No problem!



In addition to the color and size of our reservation widget, define individual input fields that guests must fill in when booking.

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Digital menu

Digitize your menu and share it with your guests on the website, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Significant time savings in day-to-day restaurant operations

No more juggling PDF documents: It is easy to create and update your digital menu. Any changes are visible immediately.


Ready for take-out

Offer food and beverages for takeout, delivery, or contactless table-side ordering through your digital menu and sell them directly online.



Customize the look and feel of the digital menu to match your brand identity. Add descriptive texts, product photos, menus with bookable extras.

Tablet digital menu

All order features at a glance

Manage online orders with ease

The built-in restaurant ordering system in resmio allows you to sell your take-out business online in the blink of an eye. Flexible settings allow you to customize the ordering system according to your restaurant’s needs.

Ordering Dashboard of resmio

Automatic notifications

You will be automatically notified when new online orders are made via the digital menu. Your guests will receive an summary of their order by e-mail after they have placed their booking.


Flexible customizable

Define pickup and lead times for accepting online orders, set accepted payment methods and your minimum order value. Disable the order feature with one click during peak hours and reactivate it as soon as the workload allows.


Product overview to the day

List the type and number of meals and beverages sold for takeaway, delivery or at the table for any desired day in order to continuously optimize the restaurant service.

Table Management with resmio Tables iPad App

Making restaurant business sustainable

Proven management solutions help you to seat guests on your available tables in advance and to optimize capacity utilization.


Achieve optimal utilization

Reduce no-shows more effectively by taking deposits for bookings. Fill available seats in the best possible way using table planning. Use digital staffing plans for efficient duty roster management.

Table plan software

Efficient table management via a graphical table plan, directly via the resmio web interface and as an app for the Apple iPad.


Performance measurement made easy

Relevant key figures on online bookings, orders and guest satisfaction are compiled for you in a summarized form. This is the basis for making decisions to improve your restaurant service even further.

All management features

Effectively market your restaurant

Strengthen customer loyalty by sending personalized email newsletters with exclusive offers to your guests. Use automated feedback emails to gain more positive customer reviews on Google.

Badge Marketing

Acquiring new customers

Use resmio to gather positive guest reviews effectively. Customized Google Ads campaigns help you draw people’ attention to your restaurant.

Coupons & Vouchers

Sell tickets for special events in the restaurant. Use discount coupons to motivate customers to return to the restaurant. Keep guests loyal to your restaurant by selling value vouchers.


Activate guests with email newslettern

Create and send newsletters via resmio to inform your loyal (regular) guests about current promotions and attractive offers.

Features for restaurant marketing

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