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Welcome to “Spoon & Bytes”, resmio’s online magazine for gastronomy. In our weekly articles, we focus on topics related to digitisation in gastronomy, give many useful tips for a successful gastronomic business and interview experienced experts on a regular basis.

In particular we would like to support young Gastro founders with our articles to avoid expensive blunders and obstacles. We are dependent on the knowledge and experience of Gastro veterans. If you are interested in being a regular source for us, you are welcome to contact us. Below, at the end of the text, you will find our contact information.

resmio is already in use in over 150 countries. To make sure that the magazine “Spoon & Bytes” doesn’t just publish articles in German and English, we translate them in-house. In our team we have numerous native speakers, but now and then we make translation mistakes. We apologize for any inconvenience and would be happy if you would like to help us with translations.

We are also interested in experiences and reports from your country. How does the digitisation of gastronomy in your country work? What challenges are restaurants in your country facing? Help us with our research or apply to nuns as a local blogger.

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