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Your gateway to the digital world of gastronomy

How does a restaurant need to be digitally set up these days to compete in a highly challenging market? Here you will find basic know-how on modern reservation management.

Whats’s about Spoon & Bytes?

Successfully managing a restaurant business is anything but easy. In addition to very good business management skills, you need above all excellent people skills. As well as perfect time management, first-class cuisine and an above-average sense of service quality. Many restaurants fail in their first year – despite a good concept.

At the same time, digitalization is not stopping at the restaurant industry and is already influencing how guests find your restaurant. With our online magazine, we want to support young restaurant founders in particular avoid costly pitfalls and stumbling blocks. We research topics such as calculation in the restaurant business, (online) marketing, search for employees and also let experts have their say.

Note on own business: The majority of all articles appear in German.