Food Ordering System for Restaurants

Get the takeaway business into your own hands and maximize your profits – resmio’s online food ordering system is made for your restaurant.


Increase your sales


Quick setup and menu import


in free BASIC plan included

Ordering System for restaurants provided by resmio

More and more restaurants are selling successfully through resmio

At the table, for takeaway, by delivery
– all in one restaurant ordering system

Why rely on tedious stand-alone solutions when you can do it simply? resmio combines a user-friendly restaurant ordering system in its digital menu, fully capable of handling takeaway and delivery orders. We provide you with the best tools and support you need to automate the distribution of your restaurant services. resmio will help you set up your digital menu so that you can focus on your day-to-day business. It’ s that simple.

Our features for your takeaway and delivery service

Relevant payment methods already included

Delivery details

Easily get more orders for your restaurant

The demands of guests have increased. More and more customers expect to be able to conveniently order their favorite dishes online and pay for them straight away.

By using resmio’s restaurant ordering software, you can meet these customer expectations and generate additional revenue without giving up control of your guest data!


Sale meals trough your own digital menu


Time savings through automated order acceptance


Building of a guest database for effective marketing

Less than in one hour ready for sale

Setting up the takeaway ordering system is quick, simple and intuitive via our dashboard. We will help you set up your digital menu so that you can start selling right away and increase your sales.


Add dishes to your digital menu


Adjust order times, payment methods and your delivery area


Start selling by publishing the digital menu on your website & other online channels

Delifery feature

Make yourself independent of food delivery platforms

Take the ordering process into your own hands: By accepting orders directly through your website, on Google and other channels, you make yourself less dependent on food delivery platforms – and earn higher margins on each order in the process. *

* Digital menu can be used in the free BASIC plan without a monthly fee. We charge only 4% commission on the turnover of the order.

A restaurant ordering software with many benefits
– it’s all about your success!

Higher revenue

Online orders are an efficient way to drive profits with little extra effort, especially during Covid.

Higher service efficiency

Automatic notifications of incoming orders save time and relieve your staff.

Easy integration

Your digital menu is easily integrated via link wherever your guests are.

Reduce workload

By enabling self-ordering via QR code for your guests, you can bridge staffing bottlenecks.

The data is yours

In contrast to delivery platforms, you stay in control of your guest data and thus your customer business.

Ongoing Support

Do you need help setting up your food ordering system? We are happy to help you on the phone, by email or chat!

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