Order online with Google for Restaurants

Get the Order Online Button in your Google Business Profile. Start selling dishes for takeout and delivery through Google.

Google Food Ordering Feature for Restaurants
Order online with Google

resmio lists your takeaway service free of charge on Google. Your guests can order right from your restaurant business profile. Increase your order rate by up to 30% on average.

No extra effort

We will sync the digital menu in your resmio account with Google – no extra effort required to manage multiple menus. Also, incoming Google orders will immediately appear in your ordering system.

Greater reach

Because your digital menu is featured directly on Google, you maximize the reach of your menu. You are able to match search queries in Google for restaurants with a specific dining option.

On average, 75,000 Google search queries p.m. are attributed to the search terms “order food” and around 265,000 to “restaurant nearby” throughout Germany. Enable your restaurant for online orders via Google and benefit from high reach for your dine-out-business.

Order Online in Google Business Profile

Google Food Ordering is your new takeaway & delivery ordering channel

Take-aways and delivery services are more popular than ever. Placing your offer only on your website and then hoping for the best is not a good strategy.

Take benefit of a high-reach ordering channel by marketing your to-go business where guests are likely to search for it anyway – on Google.

As a collaboration partner, we will activate your restaurant for Google Food Ordering. You will reach more potential customers and increase your average order rate without expensive ads.

Official partnership with Google

Google Food Ordering boosts growth

Get more orders directly from Google – without extra effort

Many restaurants struggle to market their out-of-home service independently of delivery portals. Google and resmio help you reach more guests.

By accepting food orders via Google, your restaurant will gain relevance over competitors who don’t use this feature.

With just one click on the order button in your Google profile, guests will be taken to a copy of your digital menu without having to visit your website, and can conveniently order food for pick-up or delivery via Google.

Overview of online orders in resmio

All incoming online orders are automatically added to your resmio order dashboard. No extra work for you. The kitchen and service only have to prepare the food orders via Google.

Google Food Ordering

All products on your resmio digital menu, including any descriptive texts, are synced with the Google equivalent. Your guests always have access to your current menu.

At the same time, you increase the online visibility of your restaurant by featuring your dishes in the Google Business Profile.

Looking for an ordering system?

We have developed a highly flexible ordering system for restaurateurs who want to run a successful, independent pickup and delivery service.

Once you’ve published your digital menu and entered ordering terms, connecting to Google Food Ordering is just a click away.

Takeout und delivery service due google food ordering
Becoming autonomous from delivery platforms with resmio's ordering system

Staying independent doesn’t mean giving up reach!

Delivery service platforms are attractive because of their reach. But young restaurants in particular are exposed to great competitive pressure: Your restaurant may be listed quickly on the platforms, but without a high level of awareness, you run the risk of being lost in the mass of competing delivery services.

Don’t get lost in the shark tank! Instead, ensure better visibility and offer guests direct access to your take-out service with just one click via one of the widest-reaching online channels of all – Google!

Enable the turbo boost for your take-away business and accept orders via Google!