Food ordering directly through Google

Since resmio is connected to “Google Food Ordering”, your guests are able to order for takeaway and delivery by using Google.
  • Direct orders through Google
  • Channel for more visibility without additional cost
  • New guests without additional effort
Official partnership with Google

Your takeaway & delivery offer directly on Google

Take-away and delivery services are more popular than ever. That’s why your guests appreciate when the ordering function is quickly to find, easily accessible and as simple as possible. Usually potential customers come across your restaurant in their Google search, for example by typing your restaurant category or your restaurant name. So why not offer an order function right there? Thanks to our cooperation with Google, google food ordering for your restaurant is automatically included, if you are already using the resmio online ordering system. You will reach more guests and benefit from more revenue, without risk or additional costs with your new channel.

Receive more orders directly from Google - without any additional effort

The search term “food delivery” has about an average of 90,000 monthly Google search queries across Europe and even around 11.100,000 for the term “restaurants nearby”. With Google Food Ordering you are one step ahead of your competition. No additional effort when potential guests search for a restaurant near their location using Google Search, Google Maps or their Google Assistant to place their order. Your restaurant becomes more relevant on Google and gives you a competitive advantage over restaurants that don’t use this function.

One click on the “ORDER ONLINE” button and guests can easily check your menu, order their food for pickup or delivery and pay right away.

Google food ordering

Maximize your revenue today with Google Food Ordering!

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Additional channel, better visibility, no additional costs

Food delivery platforms are useful channels. But you have to keep in mind the great competition. Restaurants are listed on those platforms, but often get lost in the mass of competing delivery services. Offer instead on Google – one of the strongest online channels – an easy and direct access to your own ordering system with just one click. You enable an uncomplicated ordering process, fast – if desired contactless – payment processing and also allow guests to make pre-orders. New orders are bundled in your order system, so your staff has a full overview and all preparations are under control.

You are still not using our ordering system?

You want to offer your food via Google, but you don’t use the ordering system of resmio? No problem – it’s ready to go in just a few steps! Once you’ve set it up, it allows you to sell your food via website and social media, in addition to Google Food Ordering. All settings in resmio – such as delivery times, fees and minimum order value – are directly applied to Google Food Ordering and shown to your guests when they order.

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We create your menu with up to 50 individual dishes in resmio! 

Google Food Ordering

Quickly ready for use, beneficial and convenient

Ready for Google Food Ordering? With a few clicks and settings in your resmio account, you can get started with Google Food Ordering right away:

  • 1. Enter food & beverages in the digital menu

  • 2. * Label products containing alcohol in the digital menu.

  • 3. Publish digital menu

  • 4. Enable order function for takeaway &/or for deliveries

  • 5. Set up pickup or delivery times

  • 6. Select cash as payment method

*According to Google guidelines, the distribution of products containing alcohol is not allowed. For this reason, Google requires the labeling of those products.

Receive orders via Google today

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