Get more reservations

The reservation system by resmio provides reliable support, thus saving you time so you can generate more revenue.

Your reservation book

Everything you need is included.

The digital reservation book for your establishment can be integrated directly into your own website in just a few steps, or on Facebook or Google My Business. So guests who have already found you on the web and, for example, are perusing your menu, can make a reservation directly with you without having to call.


Your reservation tool

Straightforward and intuitive

This is what your guests see when making a reservation via your website or via our partner network. Once the reservation widget is placed on your website, guests can directly search and reserve available tables in your restaurant. Try it yourself by making a test reservation!

Your network of partners

With us, you are listed with 100+ partners

Some restaurateurs pay a lot of money to receive reservations via a single platform. We believe that your restaurant, bar, or café should be visible at as many points as possible on the web so it can be found by your guests. This is why we are continually expandig our network – your network.

resmio partner network

Your reservation reminders

Reduce the number of no-shows

What restaurateur is not familiar with this scenario? Guests reserve a table for a popular time and then don’t show up. If your guests book via resmio, they will receive a reminder and directions in advance.

Your guest management

For greater loyalty

Thanks to the integrated database, acquired information about your guests is available to you and your team long term. This information can be used to provide even more personalized service and increase the loyalty of your guests.

Guestmanagement WebApp
restaurant reservation reminder SMS

Your SMS service

Be always up to date

Would you like to receive an SMS as soon as a new reservation has been received? Or send a short message to your guests in addition to the reservation reminder by e-mail? resmio offers several SMS services to keep you and your guests informed.

The digital waitlist for restaurants

No more confusing waitlists on paper!

The digital waitlist is the perfect solution for walk-ins, reservations via the booking widget & requests over the phone: Maximize your restaurant’s occupancy rate, improve the reservation management and be flexible when it comes to cancellations and no-shows.

waitinglist laptop