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The reservation system by resmio provides reliable support, thus saving you time so you can generate more revenue.
  • Get more table bookings automatically
  • Manage reservations from one single dashboard
  • Easy and quick integration on your website and google
These restaurants already benefit from online table reservations via resmio

Smart table reservation software from resmio
- more guests with less effort!

Full seated tables and happy guests at the same time and without any stress: Enable online bookings on your website, Google and other platforms. Offer an automated reservation process through our easy-to-use reservation management tool that can be easily integrated into almost all restaurants – from large to small. Plus: You will never have to worry about paying a booking fee!

What our clients have to say about resmio

The best reservation tool i know
5 out 5 stars!

Martin Lühmann Anno 1900

After a month of free trial, i decided to use resmio for the reservation management. Nowadays, potential guests come from many different channels: My website, Google, Facebook, even WhatsApp or via SMS. A reservation system that centralizes all bookings is important to avoid the risk of loss. resmio enables me to do this in advance.

Roberto Anesi El Pael Ristorante

Choosing resmio was my best decision in a long time. We have increased sales and maximum restaurant occupancy. The app is regularly developed and you always have new features. Customer requests are also addressed and solutions are developed. Really great!

Toni Demirci Burgermeister

Reservation settings

Enable online bookings, stop wasting your time!

Reduce the effort of answering reservation inquiries by email, on the phone or in the social channels and get online table reservations automatically with resmio! Deep technical knowledge is not required, resmio is ready to use in around 10 minutes. We will also help to set up our reservation widget on your website!

  • Receive automated reservations 24 / 7
  • All table bookings at a glance. Easy management via one account, even for several restaurants
  • Simple and quick set up of our reservation tool

It's your guests, so your data too!

Unlike traditional reservation platforms, with resmio you don’t pay per booking. On top of that, you retain control of your guest data. We provide you with proven and established set of tools to make your customer business successful and sustainable!

  • Guest database included
  • Import existing customers into resmio
  • Tag your guests (e.g.. arccording to interests)

One system, many benefits
– for your success!

Maximize utilization

With our online reservation tool, you automatically increase your awareness level and optimize your reservation management.

Easy integration

resmio's online reservation widget can be easily integrated into numerous platforms via a link or HTML code.

The data is yours

Unlike to reservation platforms, you have full control over your guest data and thus your customer business.

Higher service efficiency

Automatic notifications of incoming reservations save time and relieve your staff.

Profitable network

A meaningful internet presence: Your restaurant will be found by potential guests on +100 web pages.

Ongoing Support

Do you need help setting up your online reservation system? We are happy to help you on the phone, by email or chat!

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