Restaurant Booking App

Connect the mobile booking app with your resmio account. Manage your reservations and walk-ins easily from anywhere via your smartphone.

Always in your hand

Want to check the current occupancy rate in your restaurant? resmio’s restaurant booking app provides a overview of your bookings today and in the future.

Time saving

Taking ad hoc reservations and walk-ins is child’s play with the app. In a matter of seconds, your team has an overview of the current capacities and your guests are seated.

Real-time messages

All information about the guest, the reservation and shared notes for your employees are synchronized across devices in real time. So everyone stays up to date.

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User-friendly design,
handy features

Booking management in day-to-day business – mobile and easy as never before with the app!

Reduce walking distances to a fixed terminal: With the streamlined reservation app from resmio, you always have your digital reservation book at hand!

Whether it’s seating spontaneous walk-in customers in the restaurant, checking the current occupancy rate or approving unconfirmed reservations – the mobile app for your Apple or Android device makes everything quicker. That saves time in day-to-day operations.

Try the restaurant booking app today for 30 days free of charge!

Manage reservations and walk-ins quickly & easily

We’ve made sure that the app is as easy, fast, and accessible as possible. You can place a walk-in in just two steps.

Select group size, length of stay and table, enter guest data if necessary, and you’re ready to go.

The booking state always in the sight

Are the guests seated, the table cleared ready? Has the reservation you made the other day been canceled on the phone? Just swipe to adjust the current booking status to the current situation.

Handy filters help you to keep track of bookings with the preferred status only. Because all data is constantly synced between your digital reservation book and the app, no details get lost.

Analytics of your restaurant performance on the go

How many bookings and orders have been placed? How are guest numbers developing, how is the feedback on the service and the food? Have there been any unusual cancellation or no-show rates? Your resmio smartphone app delivers an excellent look at important key figures and trends in restaurant performance while you’re on the go.

All recorded data can be aggregated in a daily, weekly, and monthly view. Charts illustrate progress in a visual way, so you can identify tendencies in one direction or the other faster.

All features of the
restaurant booking app for iOS and Android devices


Add bookings and walk-ins incl. tags (e.g. date of birth, allergies) and notes and assign them to tables


Manage and access guest data including comments and their preferences


Monitor table occupancy on the go at all times and view current and future reservations via the app


Block current day’s reservations via an emergency button


Check stats on bookings (also no-shows and cancellations), orders (incl. revenues), guests on the per-day, per-week and per-month basis


Filter table reservations by time of day and current booking status


Light and dark mode to adjust the outer appearance to the lighting conditions


Frequently asked questions and answers
on the booking app

At the start of the booking app the following features are included:

  • Compact reservation view
  • User-friendly management of manual reservations and walk-ins
  • Status handling via swipe gestures
  • Alert mode (blocking of all capacities)
  • Selection of light and dark mode

Our app is constantly being developed further, the scope of functionalities should grow even more in the future.

The smartphone app for resmio is available for PREMIUM customers at a price of 19.90 EUR p.m.. You can try the app free of charge for 30 days before purchase. The app is already included in the ULTIMATE plan.

The booking app is available for download for Android and iOS smartphones in the brand-specific stores. You can use the app on Android from version 5 and on Apple from iOS 11. It may also work (possibly with limitations) on older models.

It’s simple:

  1. Download the app for your iOS or Android device.
  2. To be able to log in to the reservation app, you need to activate the respective add-on via your general resmio account or start the 30-day trial period.
  3. After that, you can log in to the app with your regular credentials.

No, both you and your employees can log in to the booking app with their individual credentials. Please note that you will need to activate the respective add-on in your resmio account before logging in for the first time.

That remains possible.

In practice, however, the app offers greater convenience because it is specially developed to meet the needs of smartphone users. It is therefore more suitable for everyday use and makes day-to-day booking management easier for you and your staff because it is now mobile.

You can easily experience this for yourself during the 30-day free trial period.

Manage your restaurant on the go – with the resmio reservation app!