Magic moments

Use resmio to create special moments for your guests.

Your guest ratings

Now you’re in control.

“I give this restaurant a 1-star rating only . . .” Sounds familiar? With resmio, you can request feedback from your guests directly and then decide if you want to make it public or not.

Promotion tools for your restaurant

Integrated advertising

Keep your loyal guests posted! With resmio, you can send out newsletters to promote special offers e.g. for a business lunch or a public holiday. When sent at the right intervals and delivered with charm, these measures can build long-lasting relationships with your guests. Perfect for special occasions: resmio also offers you an integrated coupon and ticketing tool.

guest wifi restaurant

Free Guest WIFI

Turn your restaurant into a hotspot

“Do you have Wi-Fi here?” This is the question every gastronome encounters every day, no matter where in the world. If you offer a free WLAN, the probability that guests will choose your restaurant increases. Using the resmio add-ons, you can book your own guest WLAN package with built-in feedback function.