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With marketing tools from resmio you can reach new target groups more efficiently via online channels and bond your guests in the long term.


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Promote your restaurant online


Generate positive guest reviews

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Even the best restaurant in town waste much potential if necessary communication measures are missing. Can potential guests find your restaurant online, are you generating reviews or do promotional activities already play a role for you? Targeted marketing activities and the right use of marketing tools increase the visibility of your restaurant online and polish its image. And on the way, you develop new sources of revenue, e.g. through voucher sales!

Restaurant marketing with our features

Gain real customer reviews

Manage guest reviews with ease

Customer reviews on the Internet are crucial to business success. A low number of reviews or few negative feedbacks are considered to be toxic for restaurants. resmio’s guest manager supports you in generating new customer reviews on Google and your website and actively using them to promote your restaurant.


Guests receive after their visit automatically an email with a request for a rating

Redirecting guests to Google to leave a review


Integration of your reputation widget on the website based on all reviews

Get more google reviews for your restaurant trough resmio
Sell vouchers, tickets, coupons as a restaurant to guests via your own store
Tickets and Vouchers

Marketing tools for sustainable customer relationships

Sell gift vouchers on your own website and social channels. Combine coupons as an incentive for your regulars to revisit your restaurant and conveniently send them via an email newsletter. Your contact list automatically grows with your bookings.


Inform guests through newsletter


For better dining experiences: handy voucher & ticket selling

Get touch with your guests –
marketing initiatives at each touchpoint

visibilityBefore going to the restaurant
Marketing Bewertung
Attract new guests

Make your restaurant findable online; Convince customers with good reviews.

eventAfter going to the restaurant
Encourage a revisit

With attracting offers, coupons and events.

volunteer_activismBuilding relationships
Newsletter Marketing
Bind guests

(Regular) Guests stay up-to-date thanks to newsletter mailings.

One system, many benefits
– for your success

Get to know your guests

Fully automatically obtain guest data and use it for restaurant marketing in compliance with privacy policy.

More popularity

Many positive guest reviews also attract many new guests. Improve service quality thanks to constructive suggestions.

Customer loyalty

New offers, a menu or an event? With email newsletters you can easily encourage your regular guests to revisit!

Ongoing support

You have questions about our marketing tools or want to make adjustments to your ads? We are happy to help you on the phone, by mail or chat!


Tickets, value as well as gift vouchers can be created easily and quickly and sold directly. Or promote your restaurant via Google Ads.

Newsletter Marketing with resmio

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