Coupon and gift voucher system for restaurants

Sell tickets, coupons and vouchers in a simple and handy way online. Boost your sales with the resmio coupon system.

voucher coupon and online ticketing system for restaurants
Attract new guests

Attract people to your location and raise your profile with large-scale voucher promotions and special events. Encourage bargain hunters to visit and reward your regular guests with exclusive deals.

Increase sales

Vouchers and tickets are among popular gifts, and as an additional business, they represent another source of revenue for your restaurant, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Useful marketing tool

Vouchers not only provide the recipients with joy. They also serve as a positive recommendation. As a proven effective marketing tool, coupons and tickets increase the frequency of your guests’ visits.

ticketing and couponing for restaurants and gastronomy

Coupon system and online ticketing – your benefits

For many restaurants, when guests want to buy tickets and vouchers for a restaurant visit, the only way to do so is on site or on the website, which is a hassle via email or the contact form. A much more time-saving and cost-effective way is to sell tickets online via resmio’s coupon system.

Generate discount coupons, vouchers and event tickets and share them on your website, social channels or via email. Sell your special deals and let guests pay easily online. Thus, you can increase your revenue at no extra effort.

An overview of the features of the coupon system


Simple creation of vouchers and tickets via your resmio account


Several modern design templates for vouchers and tickets to choose from


Share voucher and ticket sales directly through the website and with guests via social media and email


Online payment for vouchers, tickets and coupons (direct debit, credit card, PayPal)


User-friendly coupon management with an overview of all sold tickets and vouchers (redeemed, partially redeemed, unredeemed)


Download and print all vouchers and tickets as PDFs

Full house with top deals

Coupon and ticket function for restaurants

New opening, January lull or summer slump? The voucher and ticket feature is the marketing tool of your choice: With targeted discount promotions, you can expand your business without effort, increase awareness and reduce idle time.

Exclusive tickets for an event or a thank-you voucher to loyal regulars strengthen customer loyalty. And limited discounts attract price-conscious guests who may return after an unforgettable evening in your restaurant.


You want to sell coupons for a special promotion, e.g. the beef dinner week, to your guests or even give them away? With the Coupon feature it’s easy: Set the amount of available coupons, specify the promotion, add a description, define conditions, the time period and pricing – that’ s it!

eventTickets for events

Whether it’s a gig, a party on New Year’s Eve or a summer festival – no matter what event is coming up in your restaurant, resmio makes selling tickets easier. Similar to coupons, you create your tickets in your webapp, with the difference that a fixed date and the start of the event is set for the tickets.


Using the voucher service, your guests can purchase a gift voucher of their choice directly from your website. The voucher will be sent to the recipient via email and can either be shown as a PDF or printed out.

Gift vouchers featuring your brand design

An appealing design and logo on your vouchers will increase the brand awareness of your restaurant.

That’s because when customers gift your vouchers, they help to make your restaurant more popular. In other words, you will reach more guests.

Customize tickets and vouchers

Choose from various templates when customizing your coupons, tickets and vouchers.

You can also add a creative description text, define redemption conditions and (if desired) upload your own image/logo.

Add and share coupons with your guests
Claim vouchers in your restaurant management system

Manage all vouchers, tickets & coupons in one system

Using the marketing tools in your resmio account, you can keep an eye on all current and past promotions at any time. Redeem your guests’ vouchers with ease via the system. Even partial redemptions are no problem with resmio – your guests will thank you for that!

Easily integrated on all marketing channels

Once you have created tickets and coupons, you can easily share them via a link on your website or on Facebook and Instagram. Sending an email newsletter to your subscribers with your offer is also easy.

Share vouchers, tickets and coupons with guests via facebook, website and whatsapp
Benefits of a voucher coupon system for restaurants

Win-win deal for your guests and your restaurant

In the resmio webapp, you can easily add vouchers and tickets for events and coupons – depending on the needs and requests of your restaurant – which your guests can purchase directly via your website. This saves you time and money for the time-consuming creation, printing and placing of orders with external service providers.

At the same time, guests no longer have to appear in person to purchase a ticket or voucher. In doing so, you gain more audience reach by selling through your website. Delight and engage your target audience with a variety of restaurant experiences.

Start selling tickets and vouchers for your restaurant online today