Coupon system for your restaurant

  • Easily create tickets for events and coupons as well as vouchers
  • Sell your tickets and vouchers directly through your website
  • Reach new target groups and enhance the loyality of your guests

Coupon system and online ticketing - your benefits

The ticket and voucher feature is already available right from BASIC package. You can create coupons, vouchers and tickets within a few minutes in your webapp and sell or give them away on your own website. Convince new restaurant visitors with special deals, unique events and great gift ideas.

Attract new guests
Coupon campaigns and special events raise attention for your restaurant and increase brand awareness. By offering incentives and exclusive deals, you attract bargain hunters and reward your regular guests.
Increase revenue
Vouchers and tickets are popular gifts and a business opportunity for your restaurant that might help maximizing profits.
Effective marketing
Vouchers, tickets and gift cards create happy moments for those who receive them and and serve at the same time as a recommendation. A winning and effective promotion activity that will increase visitor frequency.

Get more guests in your restaurant today

Top deals and intuitive voucher system for restaurants

Do you plan to open a restaurant or are you suffering from the negative impacts of the summer slump? With targeted discount campaigns, you can expand your business without any effort, push awareness and overcome difficulties – especially outside rush hours. Tickets for an event or a thank you voucher for loyal guests enhance customer loyalty. Furthermore, discounts attract new, price-conscious guests who might even come back after experiencing a unique time at your restaurant.

Event shop

Win-win for your guests and your restaurant

resmio provides an easy and convenient way to create vouchers, coupons and tickets for events in the web app, according to your restaurant’s needs. Your guests can buy and pay for their purchase online on your website. Save time and costs instead of dealing with time consuming tasks, – like creating vouchers per hand – printing orders or service providers. Moreover, there is no need for guests to show up in person to purchase a ticket or voucher. Reach more people by selling through your website, surprise your guests and gain customer loyalty with a variety of unforgettable experiences.

Create coupons tickets and vouchers within a few minutes


You would like to promote special offers or events like the “steak week” and sell vouchers or even give them away? With our feature for coupons, this is no problem at all! Set the number of available coupons, choose a name for your deal, add a description and a picture, define conditions, period of validity and the price as well - and you are all set to go!


A concert, a New Year's party or a summer celebration - no matter what event is coming up, resmio enables ticket sales for your restaurant. Similar to the coupons, you create your tickets in your web app, the only difference is that you have to choose a fixed date and the start of the event.


By using the feature, you offer your guests the possibility to create a voucher directly on your website. Your guests can decide over the value and design of their gift card, generate a PDF, print it afterwards and finally make someone happy with a great present.


Customize tickets and vouchers

When it comes to the layout, you have a choice between three modern designs (classic, gold, blue). In addition, you can add a creative description, conditions and upload your own image or logo to give your offer a personal touch.


Overview of all functions of voucher system

  • Easy creation and design of vouchers and tickets via webapp
  • Various modern design templates for vouchers and tickets
  • Easy and convenient ticket and voucher management
  • Voucher and ticket sale directly through your website
  • Online payment for vouchers, tickets and coupons
  • Payment methods: direct debit, credit card, Paypal
  • All vouchers and tickets available for PDF download and are also printable
  • Individual amounts for vouchers can be adjusted

Ticketing and coupon sales for your restaurant

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