Why resmio?

Your restaurant.

Digitising your restaurant is not a project, but a continuous ongoing process. We assist you in this journey – with reliable tools and excellent customer service.

Your restaurant business is the focus

We support restaurants and catering businesses in the move to digital.

That’s why we tailor our services to what offers you real value in your day-to-day business.

We’ll give you a few good reasons for choosing resmio right away:

New perspectives

With handwritten reservation books, you’re giving away your greatest potential: your guest data. With resmio’s digital counterpart, we create new, efficient ways for you to better understand and reach your customers.

Suitable for any business

Budget, size, location… different restaurant operations require flexible solutions. That’s why resmio lets you choose individual tools in addition to the all-in-one package. And for those keeping it small: all basic features are 100% free of charge.

Reliable partner

We work as equals with our restaurateurs. Their feedback is the foundation of our work: All tools are (further) developed on the premise of providing them with optimal support for the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Honest and fair

Commission per placed guest? Not with us! At resmio you pay only one fixed monthly fee. And in the 30-day trial period you can try all premium features for free and then decide if we are worth the money.

Everything you need in one place

To master a variety of tools, you simply don’t have the time in the restaurant business. That’s why you don’t need an isolated solution, but a true all-rounder that combines all proven tools – from the automated taking of bookings and online orders, to the table and shift planner, all the way to e-mail-marketing.

With resmio you get everything from a single provider, bundled in one place and continuously developed for you. To make your daily work easier, we continuously connect well-known industry partners such as cash register systems and payment service providers to resmio.

Our promise: Easy-to-use tools

You don’t have to be a tech nerd to fully understand how resmio works. From registration to setup and daily work, managing our tools is really simple and easy.

And if you have any questions, our support team is there to assist you in getting started and will set up everything for your restaurants needs. You can also refer to the help section on our website at any time.

Digitales Reservierungsbuch für Gastronomie

Profitable for your restaurant from the beginning

Get more reservations automatically
Higher visibility and reach on the Internet
Take orders for takeaway & delivery
Analysis of your restaurant performance
Addressing and attracting regular guests
Efficient planning of capacities & resources

resmio vs. platforms – compare the costs!

Enter the (estimated) average value of all guests that you have p.M. in your restaurant
The amount of fixed costs that you have to pay your provider every month
Some providers charge a fee based on mediated reservations / guests (usage-based billing)
Your all-inclusive price at resmio: 69.90 € (Premium)
No commission per mediated guest / cover / reservation. Only one basic amount per month.
Monatliche Kosten bei deinem Anbieter €

Nothing to lose, much to gain

Who buys a pig in a poke?! That’ why you can simply convince yourself of the full range of features for 30 days. And if the basic plan is enough for you, you can simply continue to use us free of charge after the trial period expires.

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