Digital Menu for Restaurants

Go digital with your menu, manage your restaurant business more with ease and comfort than ever before. Sell your dishes online to your guests.

Digital menu for restaurants and gastronomy from resmio
TIme-saving and efficient

No more tedious replacing of old documents: Any changes to dishes can be updated in no time at all and are immediately shown on your published menu. No matter if you have shared it on your website or as a link on Google and Facebook.

Additional sales

Enable your guests to pre-order meals for pick-up right from your digital menu in your restaurant. Accept payments online via prepayment and customize the ordering system for times when the kitchen and service are less busy.

Flexible price model

Creating and publishing a digital menu does not cost you a penny. You create more awareness for your restaurant menu free of charge. You can choose between a commission model for the order feature or book an order flat rate for a fixed monthly fee.

Inform, place an order, and pay –
all via your digital menu!

An increasing number of guests check out a restaurant’s food and beverages online before booking. With the digital menu from resmio, you can showcase your unique dining options on your website and Google. Your online menu, including products and categories, is quickly created and shared on the Internet.

Digital Menu including ordering function

The built-in order system enables guests to purchase and pay for their desired dishes while browsing online for pick-up and delivery. Without any risk you will win new guests and generate more sales – both during and after the COVID 19 crisis!

100% for free during the trial period

Try the ordering system for 30 days at no cost.
No commissions on online orders for the first 30 days.

Overview of digital menu features

Creating digital menus with resmio

Build a top-selling menu with products, categories, variations, text and images in minutes.

additives list

All ingredients in sight at all times: Add declarable allergens and additives via a practical list.

ordering options

Sell food and drinks for pickup or delivery directly from your electronic menu.

Digitale Speisekarte auf Webseite einbinden

Embed your menu on your website or share it via link on your business profiles and social channels.

google food ordering synch

Sync your menu with Google to make your dishes bookable through Google My Business and Google Maps.

customize orders

Highly customizable: Pick-up and lead times for orders, peak hour limits, delivery areas, payment methods and much more.

Zero risks,
major benefits

Create a free digital menu for your restaurant now and benefit from online orders

No more hassle updating your restaurant menu: resmio’s digital menu is created and published online with no effort. Any changes are made in one central place via the digital menu software, no more time-consuming replacement of PDF files. Furthermore, due to the built-in ordering functionality, you create a real added value for you and your guests. A wide range of customization options allows you to place advance orders when your workload permits.

All major payment options already built in
Zahlungsmethoden für Gäste unserer Restaurants zur Anbindung mit resmio

Your online menu – simple and easy to manage

Creating your digital menu is really easy: You can create your own dishes and drinks, including product variations, in no time at all via the accessible web interface.

Needless to say, EU-compliant labeling of allergens and additives is also possible.

Create your digital menu with resmio
Becoming autonomous from delivery platforms with resmio's ordering system

Your menu on the web – always up to date, accessible everywhere. No app download!

Publish your digital menu directly on your restaurant’s homepage. Or share it as a link on social channels. Your guests can view your electronic menu from anywhere without the hassle of installing an app.

Carefree planning of orders thanks to our flexible menu software

A digital menu, sure! But it has to fit the restaurant. That’ s why the order feature for your digital menu is as highly customizable and flexible as your day-to-day restaurant operations allow. You can change many settings at any time via your resmio account:


Payment methods accepted


Ordering time and limits for periods


Exclusion of dishes from orders


Lead time for orders


Define number of days when advance orders are possible

Self Ordering in restaurants by using a QR Code

Contactless menu – table ordering via QR Code

With resmio, you can create a QR code in no time at all, which your guests scan with their smartphone.

Without the hassle of installing an app, they will have your digital menu right in front of them and can order their preferred dishes contactlessly at the table.

The self-ordering option reduces the work involved in taking orders and cashing up; your service staff are actively relieved.

orders dashboard resmio

Don’t lose track of orders –
the online menu with system!

We’ve been aware of this for a long time, and not just since COVID 19: the transition to an online menu for the to-go business and the delivery service shouldn’t be an extra effort. That’s why our digital menu is linked directly to the established ordering system from resmio.

Thanks to the clean interface, your service staff will have a full overview of new and pending orders. Automatic alerts in the software keep you informed about incoming orders.

Your benefit: The kitchen team can start preparing the food on schedule, so that the guest can enjoy his meal on time at the scheduled time.

A win-win situation for everyone.

Create a digital menu for your restaurant today!