Digital menu for restaurants

Digitize your menu, manage your gastronomic offer more conveniently than ever before and sell your dishes to guests online.
  • Better promotion of your dishes & drinks
  • Pick-up ordering feature boosts your sales
  • Convenient and easy to use

Your benefits with the digital menu

Today’s guests do more research about a restaurant’s food and drinks before making a reservation. Our digital menu helps you to showcase your diverse selection of delicious dishes on your website and on Google. In addition, guests are now able to order, pay and pick up their meals online. You attract new guests and boost up your sales at the same time!

Time-saving and efficient
No more time consuming updates of several PDF documents: Thanks to the drag and drop interface, changes to the menu can be added instantly and are visible immediately on your published menu. No matter whether the menu is embedded on your website or as a link on Google and Facebook. As no download is required, the loading times are minimal.
Additional business opportunity
Allow your guests to pre-order dishes for pick-up using our digital menu. You can accept payments online in advance and enable / disable the order feature individually for time slots when the kitchen and service are less busy.
Flexible pricing model
Our promise: Creating, managing and publishing a digital menu with resmio is absolutely free of charge. You get more attention for your restaurant menu without any costs. Regarding the pick-up ordering feature, you can either choose a commision option to test the service in your everyday business life, or book a monthly flat rate (PREMIUM or ULTIMATE package needed).

Get more guests in your restaurant today

Get started with the digital menu

No more stress when updating your menu: The digital menu board from resmio is created and published online with little effort. Updates of your menu are made at a central location, no more time-consuming exchange of PDF documents necessary. At the same time, pick-up ordering creates real value for you and your guests. Extensive customization options allow you to enable pre-orders whenever your restaurant capacity can handle it.

Manage your digital menu online with ease

Managing and publishing your digital menu is quite efficient: The intuitive web interface of resmio makes it easy to add food and beverage items, including product variations. The EU-compliant labeling of allergens and additives is of course possible.

A preview feature helps you to check your menu before it is published. Embed your digital menu on your website or share it via link on Google My Business, on Facebook and Instagram so your guest get a quick overview of the food you offer at your restaurant.

Pickup orders

On request, your guests can order online using the digital menu – simple and  convenient. Thanks to the connection to the established table booking system from resmio and automatically sent notifications, your service staff always have a complete overview of all taken orders .

The kitchen staff can start preparing the food as scheduled so that the guest can pick up their dishes on time. A win-win situation for everyone.

Tailor made for your needs

Would you like to digitize your restaurant business and make it bookable for your guests online, but you do not want to take any risks? We fully agree with you! For this purpose, our flexible order service is individually adaptable to your everyday restaurant operation. You only want to allow pickup orders outside of rush hours? No problem at all!

You may also disable cash payments for orders exceeding a certain amount. You can easily customize these and other settings via the web interface in resmio.

Create your digital menu for your restaurant

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