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Easy integration of the booking widget

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resmio is compatible with nearly all websites – for sure also with your system! If you have any questions about the setup, we are here for you!

Where should you integrate resmio?

To maximize online bookings, you should place your widget wherever guests are likely to come into contact with your restaurant. Click on the banner for more information on placement.

What integration options does resmio offer?


Frequently asked questions & answers
about resmio integration

A widget is something like a program window. Regarding resmio, you add a code of our web app on your homepage so that the widget is visible to your guests. This web application is constantly connected with your resmio account. Therefore, potential guests can inquire about table availability in real time and book online right away.

Yes, our widgets are compatible with each other. So, you can easily integrate the reservation tool, the digital menu (with or without the ordering system) and the guest review widget on one or even several sub-pages of your website.

Yes, that’s possible. Therefore your table plan should be activated in your account and the feature “Online bookings will be assigned to tables automatically” has to be selected. Besides, you have to create several rooms (including available tables). Then you can have an individual widget code generated for each available room in your account: Go to “Settings”> “Integrations”> Widgets & newsletter > “Booking widget”> “Customize widget”.

Our widgets correspond to the language selected in the browser. For instance, if your guest chose Italian, all widgets, except individual widget texts that you can adapt yourself, automatically displayed in Italian.

If our widgets are integrated as an iFrame on the website, only technically necessary cookies that are essential for functionality are loaded when the page with the integrated widget is opened.

This includes, for example, the so-called session cookie, which is required to assign online activity (e.g. an order process via our digital menu) to a single browser session.

However, we explicitly do not use cookies for tracking and advertising purposes in our widgets.

No problem, we implement the resmio widget for you! You can send a request to our installation service. We only need some information about your website. The service is free of charge for resmio customers.

resmio is compatible with 99% of all content management systems. If your homepage uses a different CMS or website builder, please contact our support. We’d be happy to help you with the setup!

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