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Integration of resmio on Instagram

Launched as a channel for inspirational content, Instagram has increasingly opened up to transactional campaigns in the past with the introduction of the “Action Button” and the ability to share links in stories, among other things.


Note: We currently do not offer the reservation option via the “Action Button” on Instagram.


Integrate resmio in Instagram – Share the reservation link in the Story

Use Instagram’s “Story” feature to lead guests directly to your resmio reservation form and digital menu. The feature is available to all accounts since October 2021.


Benefits: Unlike the “Reserve” button on Instagram, for which the guest first has to take a step back to access your company profile, the story and the reservation link are immediately published in the feed of your guests.

If you now link the direct reservation option with an offer in the story (for example, special daily special, menu of the week, pizza at 1/2 price…), you also increase the odds that guests will make an online reservation or place an order in your restaurant.

1. The Story feature is a simple and effective way to increase your online reservations and orders. You need the Instagram app (not available on PC / laptop) and an authorised business account.

We guide you step by step through the integration:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone (iOS / Android) and switch from your private profile to your restaurant account if necessary.
  • Tap the “+” icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Select the “Story” post format

2. Here comes the creative part: First decide on a design of your choice for your story, e.g. a photo of the current menu or the restaurant environment.

  • Tap open on the “Sticker” icon.
  • Type “Link” in the search field and / or select it from the list of available stickers.

Note: Please note that link stickers can only be integrated in static images / photos. You cannot place links in any videos.

3. Add the link to your online reservation widget or digital menu. You can use the preview to check whether the link works properly.

A sample of the integration link (reservations):


A sample of the integration link (digital menu):


(the restaurant ID “the-fish” marked in bold here matches your own restaurant ID in your resmio account).

If you wish, you can add a descriptive label for the link, e.g. “Online reservation” or “Reserve now”.

Once everything fits, tap on “Done”.

4. Place the sticker anywhere in your story and publish it.

Now your guests can make reservations directly via the link in your story or order from your digital menu.

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