Integration of resmio on Facebook

Facebook integration via the button

Take table bookings or online orders via Facebook? No problem! resmio can be easily integrated directly into your business profile without any special technical knowledge.

How it works:

Button hinzufuegen

1.  Log in with your personal Facebook profile, then switch to your company page and finally click on “+ Add Button” (see screenshot).

2. You can freely choose between different buttons. Decide for a suitable button – depending on whether you want to lead your Facebook users to your website with the integrated booking template, directly to the booking widget or to the digital menu with order option.

Choose for example “Read more” or “Place orders”.

Please Note: The “Book now” button is unfortunately no longer available for free link placements – and can therefore currently not be used for a reference to your online reservation tool from resmio.

(as of June 2021).

Link anpassen-fb Integration

3.  Add your “Facility ID” to the links below. You find your facility ID in your resmio account under “User account” (in the sidebar the left icon at the very bottom) > “Account” see “Restaurants” section. To link to the booking widget use the following link, add your restaurant ID:*FACILITY-ID*/widget

To link to the online order use the following link, add your restaurant ID:*FACILITY-ID*/menu-widget

Complete the step by clicking on “Save”.

Link testen Fb Integration

4.We recommend that you check everything again in the second-last step.

For that click on your new button and than on “test button”

Facebook Integration Vorschau

5. To check the user view, please click “Show from user’s view”.

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated the button and thus a link to your booking widget or ordering widget on your Facebook page.

Tipp: Post an additional message on Facebook page under your restaurant name to inform your guests about the new booking option or order function in your restaurant, ideally with a link to the form!

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