Step 1 – Learn to operate resmio

Once you sign up for free at resmio, you will get access to your account. With the start of your 30-day trial period, you can get to know all the features at your leisure.

To make it easy for you to find your way around, we will first go into the most important controls of resmio’s User Interface.



The sidebar gives you quick access to all important features of resmio. The sidebar can be hidden by clicking on the “burger icon” if desired. This will give you a better overview.

Use the bar at the bottom left to access the most important settings for your account. For example, you can set your booking times and capacities, add new users and view potential invoices.

Step 2 – Complete your restaurant profile

Complete profile = more guests for your restaurant

A significant benefit for you at resmio is the partner network. With resmio, your restaurant is automatically listed in local business directories and portals (including Gelbe Seiten, Golocal, Das Örtliche,


Nice to know: That is why it is important that your profile information in the resmio account is always up-to-date and representative. This way, guests searching for your restaurant online will get an optimal image of the restaurant!

How to complete your restaurant profile:

  • In the overview within the sidebar, click on the central Facility account” icon at the bottom and then switch to “Profile”.
  • Next, enter information about your restaurant under “Basic settings”: a short description of your venue, your logo and images of your restaurant (e.g. ambience, food).
  • The “opening hours” are particularly important. Since these are shared via our partner network, for one, you should keep them as up to date as possible.
  • You can provide more details about your restaurant under “Details” and “Social Media“. Your entries are visible to guests who find your restaurant via the resmio partner network.
Step 3 – Set up basic settings

Set capacities and utilisation

Before you start taking bookings via resmio, it is important that you provide the booking times and capacities of your restaurant.  This is the only way for the system to know if and when seats are available in your restaurant.

You can change the basic settings for this under „Settings” > „Bookings” > „Booking times & capacities”.


Note: Always try to use your full booking capacity. Keeping them artificially limited (e.g. only 25% of your actual capacity for online reservations) can significantly limit your availability to guests.

You should also consider the following settings.

  • Lead times for bookings
  • Period of stay for bookings
  • Booking interval, if needed

The ideal settings vary from restaurant to restaurant. As soon as you have gained some experience, you should make adjustments if necessary.


Nice to know: Managing your capacities is even more effective if you work with the (graphic) table plan instead of booking times.

resmio confirms newly received online bookings automatically by default. This leads to shorter response times for booking requests and thus saves time and reduces the workload of your staff!

If you want to customise booking confirmations, you can do so under„Settings” > „Bookings” > „General”.

Step 4 – Get online bookings

Integration of your resmio widget

Certainly you want to get online reservations directly through your website, Facebook and Instagram! For this, you need to include your personal booking widget on the respective channel.


If you don’t have a website, you can set up a simple landing page for free via resmio.

  • You can find the HTML code / link to the integration under “Settings” > “Integrations & connections” > “Booking Widget & button”.
  • If you are not familiar with HTML, we’ll show you step by step how to integrate resmio. Click on one of the tiles just below this post.
resmio Wordpress Integration
resmio Squarespace Integration
Step 5 – Handling phone bookings

Your phone reservations belong in the system!

Now you’re ready to start accepting online bookings. But…

Only by adding phone and email reservations and walk-ins to your digital reservation book will you be able to maximise your table occupancy and drive more revenue.


With every reservation entered, you get insights into the performance of your restaurant business:.

❏ How many table reservations were made in the last few days?
in the past few days?
❏ What are the bookings for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
lunch and dinner time?
❏ How many guests were in the restaurant, how many of them
❏ Through which channels did you receive bookings?
What was your no-show rate, what was the number of cancellations?

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