Guest database

Import customer data into the guest database

You can import already existing customer data into resmio. This requires that the data records are formatted in spreadsheet format (.csv). Below you will find a tutorial as well as a sample file for download.

  1. Open your list of contacts in Microsoft Excel, Google Tables or another spreadsheet program.
  2. Please make sure that your table is formatted correctly. To import guest data, the columns must be titled correctly and all in lower cases. Mandatory columns for guest data import:
    • name
    • email

    Optional columns:

    • phone
    • street
    • city
    • zip
    • notes
  3. Next go to Guests > the arrow net to “Add guest” > “Import” in your resmio account.
  4. Now you can upload your existing contacts and send your newsletter to all guests if you would like.

Please note: Only guest data that has an email address will be imported. Data where the “email” field is empty will not be added to the guest database.
If you have guest data without an email address, you can consecutively number the “email” field and thus transfer the data.
Important: Each email field must have a different value, otherwise the different data will be merged into one guest.


Define guest tags – for better customer service

Guest tags are a great way to segment guests, such as by relevance (VIP) or preferences in terms of seating, food and beverage.

  • Under“Settings” > “Guests” > Automation > “Guest tags” you can define guest tags, which you can then assign to your guests if desired.
  • As soon as you add a new guest to your guest database all guest tags that you have previously set will be available.
  • You can also add tags to existing guests later on.

Tags assigned to guests are visible to all employees in the booking overview, for example.


View and edit guest data

In your webapp you can view all your saved guest data on the left hand side under  Guests. Clicking on a guest opens a detailed view with all the information stored about this guest. At the top right you can change or expand the data using the “Edit” button.


Block guests for online reservations

You have the possibility to block certain guests (e.g. because they did not show up without cancellation too often) directly in your guest database so that they can no longer book online.

  • Select Guests and search for the corresponding guest using the search field. Then click on the guest or guest file and select “Edit” > “Block”.
  • The next time the guest tries to make a booking with this saved email address, he will receive a message saying that the booking is not possible.

Automatic rules – Customize resmio to fit your restaurant

With automatic rules, you can adjust various system operations more individually to your restaurant business. In this way, you can save a lot of time in your daily business, as previously manually performed tasks can be automated.

This feature is especially interesting for experienced users.

  • You can set automatic rules under “Settings” > “Guests” > Automation > “Automatic rules”, and enable / disable them in this section.

Several rules can be active at the same time.

Automatic rules to customize your resmio system

Automatic rules follow a simple logic: an event trigger automatically kicks in a specific action when one or more conditions are met.


Nice to know: You can choose triggers, conditions and actions from given parameters and combine them freely!

Some ideas for automatic rules that you can implement in your restaurant can be seen below. We plan to expand the scope of selectable system operations in the future.

With this rule set, guests are automatically assigned a guest tag based on their visits / orders / feedback. The guest tag can be viewed by your staff in the reservation overview and then enables, for example, the easy identification of regular guests.


  • Event: Booking is updated
  • Condition: Visits count greater than 10
  • Action: Add guest tag – VIP


  • Event: Order is updated
  • Condition: Orders count greater than 5
  • Action: Add guest tag – “Delivery regular”


  • Event: Feedback left
  • Condition: Feedback generally poor
  • Action: Add guest tag – “Critic”

You can have the system automatically add guest notes as well as notes directly to bookings. Corresponding notes can support the service staff in their daily business.


  • Event: Booking is updated
  • Condition: Cancellation count greater than 3
  • Action: Add guest note – Beware, high cancellation rate!


  • Event: Feedback left
  • Condition: Feedback generally positive
  • Action: Add booking note “Offer 1x free beer”.

In some circumstances, it can be helpful to block unwelcome guests from placing online reservations or to have guest data automatically deleted from the system.

Block guests

  • Event: Booking is updated
  • Condition: No-show count greater than 2
  • Action: Block guest (+ if necessary add additional guest note for reference when adding a manual table reservation via phone)

Remove guests from the system

  • Event: Booking is updated
  • Condition: Booking creation date before date XX.YY.ZZZZ
  • Action: Delete guest

Please note: Guest data deleted via automatic rules will be irrevocably removed from the system. This process is not reversible!

Guest reviews and feedback management

Generate more guest reviews – enable feedback

Who can use this feature?

Available starting with the PREMIUM plan.

Positive guest reviews are the best advertisement for your restaurant. resmio allows you to easily generate additional customer reviews and advertise them on your website via widgets!

  • Under “Settings” > “Guests” > “Feedback > “Feedback & Google reviews” you can activate the feedback feature and adjust settings for it.
    • If you check the “Enable Feedback” box your guests will automatically receive an email asking them to leave feedback.
    • When your guests leave feedback you will also directly receive the response back.

Reviews via resmio and Google

Who can use this feature?

Available starting with the PREMIUM plan and “Marketing” add-on.


Good to know: More Google reviews impact your restaurant’s online visibility! To put it simply: The probability that your restaurant will be suggested to prospective customers in search increases.

You can get feedback both in your resmio account and on Google.

  • Under “Settings” > “Guests” > Feedback > “Feedback & Google reviews”, you can direct your guests to your Google Business profile by checking “Enable google review redirects“.

There are two different options avaiable:

Guest review feedback management process of resmio

Forwarding to Google activated and guests are first directed to resmio.

In this case, the guests give a rating at resmio and are then redirected to Google to give a rating there as well.

The advantage of this is that you can specify that only guests with a good rating are forwarded to Google. You can set the number of stars from which you want to forward the rating under “Minimum average feedback:“.

Forwarding to Google activated and guests are first directed to Google.

In this case, guests will be redirected to Google immediately and will not post a review in your resmio portal first. So the guests only have to write one review.

However, this way you can’t talk to the guest about their feedback beforehand.


Select categories for rating

There are four different categories that your guests can rate:

  • Food & Drinks
  • Service
  • Atmosphere
  • Overall satisfaction

You can specify which ones your guests should rate individually under  “Settings” > “Guests” > “Feedback” >  “Feedback configuration”.


Where can I view the reviews?

On the left side under “Guests” > Feedback you can find the reviews that your guests have left in resmio. You can filter the reviews by time period and by the number of stars.

Under “Guests” > Google Reviews you can see how many of your guests have been referred to Google. The feedbacks themselves can be found on your Google Business Profile.


Publish reputation badge or feedback widget on the website

Under“Settings” > “Integration & connections” > Feedback widget & reputation badge you find the HTML code for the feedback widget & reputation badge. Just copy the desired code and integrate it on your website or for example send it to your web developer for integration.

Please note that you need to check “Enable public guest satisfaction and reviews” under  “Settings” > “Guests” > Feedback & Google reviews first so that the widget can be published.


Review guest feedback (before publishing)

An overview of all guest reviews submitted via resmio can be found in your system under “Guests” > Feedback.

  • Basically when submitting their feedback, guests are asked whether they agree to their comments being made public.
  • With his consent for publication, however, you can decide for yourself once again whether the comment should be publicly viewable in your feedback widget or not.

Please note: Google reviews provided by resmio cannot be shown or hidden.

  • Check or uncheck the “Public” box next to the comment of the guest below  “Guests” > Feedback.
  • All ratings are included in the satisfaction rate (percentage of guest satisfaction) no ratings can be excluded here as this would otherwise distort the result.

Respond to guest feedback

In the feedback overview under “Guests” >Feedback you can reply directly to the reviews of your guests by email. Your answer is not public, so it will not be displayed in the feedback widget.

If guests leave negative feedback, you can automatically redirect them to a page you specify during the application process.

  • You can set the link for this in “Settings” > “Guests” > “Feedback” > “Feedback & Google reviews” > Enable custom redirects for negative feedback”.

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