My tables are all taken, can I put more guests on a waitlist in case bookings are cancelled?

If your restaurant is completely booked, you have the option to put guests on your waitlist and then place them later if a table does become available.

  • Click on the button “Waitlist” in the bar at the top of your webapp. As soon as you click on this button a window will open and you can add the guest’s data and then save it.
  • After you have made an entry you will always see a small red number in the upper right corner – next to the button “Waitlist” – which indicates the number of entries on the waiting list.

Can I only add walk-ins to the waitlist?

Basically you have the possibility to put walk-ins onto the waitlist as well as take potential bookings for later in the day.

  • First click on “Waitlist”: If it is a walk-in, leave the default time in the first column.
  • If the booking is for a later hour, enter the time the guest would like make the booking for.
  • As soon as you leave the current time (walk-in), a counter is automatically set after saving, which indicates how long a guest has already been waiting. This makes it easier for you to see which guest has been waiting the longest for a table and should possibly be seated first.

How can I seat guests from the waitlist once a table becomes available?

As soon as you want to accept a guest from the waitlist, you simply go back to your waitlist using the “Waitlist” button. There you click on the checkmark next to the guest you want to place. This will automatically open a new window to convert the entry into a reservation and thereby add it to your booking overview.

If you have an active table plan, you can directly assign the guest to a table.

After saving, the guest will be automatically entered into your booking overview with the status “Seated”.

If a guest has been added to the waitlist for a later time, you will also have the option to select an available time slot right away. The time periods are preset as defined in your booking interval. The status of this booking will then be displayed as “Confirmed”.


Can I remove guests from the waitlist?

If you want to remove a guest from the waitlist again, simply go back to your waitlist using the “Waitlist” button. There you will find a red “X” to the right of the guest’s details. Click on the “X” and the guest will be deleted from the waitilist.


Can I also add guests to the waitlist for a day in the future or does this only work for the present day?

You can access the waitlist on any given day and add guests there. Either you select the corresponding day in your booking overview and click on “Waitlist” or you first click on “Waitlist” and then select the corresponding day. If you make entries there, they will be made immediately for the corresponding day. As soon as you select the corresponding day in your booking overview, the red number next to the “Waitlist” button indicates how many guests are already on your waitlist that same day.


How do I inform guests who are on the waitlist for a later date (no walk-ins) that the booking was ultimately accepted or declined?

As soon as you actually place a guest from the waitlist, the status of the reservation in the booking overview is automatically set to “Confirmed”. Depending on the setting you have made, the booking will be confirmed automatically or you have to confirm the booking manually.
If you remove a guest from the waitlist because you have no available seat, an automatic notification that the entry was deleted from the list will be sent.

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