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If you would like to continue using resmio after your free trial with limited functions and free of charge, BASIC is the ideal solution for you and your restaurant.


If you would like to continue using resmio to its full extent after your free trial period has expired and benefit from the numerous additional functions (add-ons), then choose PREMIUM.


You want to use the complete range of resmio including all functions, features and add-ons? Then choose ULTIMATE and get resmio at a discounted price!

Our prices

Full budget control due to fixed costs

Fairness and price transparency are very important for us. Therefore, we do not charge a commission for reservations. Setup and support are free of charge as well. Premium and Ultimate can be terminated for a monthly extra charge of € 5.00 per month.



The free-of-charge version
  • digital reservation book
  • digital menu & order feature*
  • unlimited reservations
  • reservation widget
  • reservation notification via email
  • coupon system and online ticketing**
  • website
  • QR code guest check-in
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Maximum flexibility
  • basic features
  • large partner network (+100 platforms)
  • email reminder for guests
  • guest reviews
  • statistical centre
  • waitlist system
  • plus bookable add-ons
  • plus bookable services
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All-inclusive solution
  • premium features
  • iPad app
  • graphical table plan
  • deposit
  • marketing
  • shift plan
  • ---------------
  • plus bookable services
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* Commission of 4% per sale on the order price.
** Commission of 6% per sale on ticket / voucher price.

Included in all tariffs

Free support
We are there for you via phone, email and live chat!
Product training
Our team helps you with all configurations. We customize resmio individually for your business.
Unlimited reservations
You don’t have any limitations regarding the number of online reservations.
Partner network
More visibility for your restaurant: You are listed on several sites and platforms of selected partners.
Tariff comparison
Price0,- € / M.59,90 € / M.109,90 € / M.
unlimited reservations
unlimited reservationsunlimited reservations
personal product training included personal product training personal product training included
free support via phone, chat & emailfree support via phone, chat & emailfree support via phone, chat & email
Online booking widget for website
Table booking via Facebook
Online table reservations through Google
Digital reservation book
QR code guest check-in
Booking notifications via email
SMS notifications for guests and waiters (0,09 € / SMS) (0,09 € / SMS)
Import of reservations
Export of reservations
Reservations for recurring arrangements
Online wait list
Individual print for reservation overview
Digital menu
Food order for pick-up (commission of 4%)(commission of 4% / order flat 149,90 € / M.) (commission of 4% / order flat 149,90 € / M.)
Ordering system with delivery function (commission of 4%) (commission of 4% / order flat 149,90 € / M.) (commission of 4% / order flat 149,90 € / M.)
Order at the table/ from the seat/ room via QR code (commission of 4%) (commission of 4% / order flat 149,90 € / M.) (commission of 4% / order flat 149,90 € / M.)
Common payment methods (cash, SEPA, credit card, PayPal)
Statistics for the restaurant performance
Guest database
Receive and view reviews
Shift plan19,90 € / M.
Table plan on the web19,90 € / M.
"resmio Tables" iPad App19,90 € / M.
Request deposits for reservations19,90 € / M.
Free website ("Landingpage")
Voucher function and ticketing (commission of 6% per sale on ticket) (commission of 6% per sale on ticket) (commission of 6% per sale on ticket)
Access to large partner network
Email newsletter(included in the marketing add-on, € 19,90 / M.)
Show guest satisfaction and guest comments on website (included in the marketing add-on, € 19,90 / M.)
Forward guest feedback to Google reviews(included in the marketing add-on, € 19,90 / M.)
Guest wifi 29,90 € / M29,90 € / M.
Google Ads
price on request

price on request

The resmio add-ons

Only available in the PREMIUM tariff
iPad App


Manage guests and reservations easily, with multiple mobile devices. For a better orientation: Use our graphical table plan!
Table plan


Create, design and manage rooms, arrange tables and let your individual table plan be shown on the web!


Give value to your reservations. Keep the possibility open to demand and withdraw a deposit for reservations.


Advertise authentically, get in touch with your guests, receive their feedback and increase the popularity of your restaurant.
Personnel planning


Plan your resources with a digital and intuitive overview of all shifts and employees of your restaurant.

resmio services

More reservations and higher customer loyalty for your restaurant
Google Ads

price on request

Increase your name recognition and improve the visibility of your restaurant on the internet with google ads, starting from € 3.30 per day.
Guest WiFi


Offer free WiFi to your guests. Make use of your smart control centre and the integrated advertising function.
Order Flat


Allow your guests to order dishes for pick-up / delivery using our digital menu. No commission fee per order.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Learn more about our prices and services
How much does resmio cost?
You can test resmio for 30 days without any obligation. After your free trial, you will automatically be downgraded to the BASIC tariff. If resmio has convinced you, you can easily upgrade to PREMIUM or ULTIMATE at a fair monthly price at any time.
Are there any limitations during the free trial?
You can test all PREMIUM functions during the 30-day free trial period. Our additional services are not available during that period.
Do I have to enter my payment details?
No! If you want to test resmio without any obligation, there is no need to enter any payment information. Your payment details are only required in case you want to make use of the ordering function after your free trial or if you choose PREMIUM or ULTIMATE.
What is the minimum contract period?
The minimum contract period is 12 months. Premium and Ultimate can be terminated for a monthly extra charge of € 5,- per month.
What is an add-on?
An add-on is an additional package that extends resmio with one or more useful functions. Add-ons can be booked in the PREMIUM tariff. Besides, ULTIMATE already includes all Add-ons.
Do I get support during the free trial?
Of course we are always happy to help you! During the trial period we provide a product training to help you taking your first steps in the system. In addition, our friendly support team is available to answer your questions during our business hours. Needless to say, it’s free of charge!
Can I use resmio for several restaurants?
You can easily add more restaurants to your account. Please note that you have to purchase a license for each restaurant if you want to use the PREMIUM or ULTIMATE functions.