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Try out resmio free of charge & without obligation for 30 days – without specifying any means of payment.

If you would like to continue using resmio free of charge but with limited functions after the trial period has expired, then BASIC is ideal for you.

resmio basic tarif


If you would like to continue using resmio to its full extent after the trial period has expired and benefit from the numerous additional functions (add-ons), then choose PREMIUM.

resmio premium tarif


Our prices

Full budget control through fixed costs

Fairness and price transparency are very important to us. That’s why we don’t charge commissions for reservations. #dontpayperguest

0,- EURinstead of 19,90 EUR
per month
  • Unlimited reservations
  • Online reservations
  • Free website
  • Reservations via website
  • Reservations via Facebook
  • Reservations via Amazon Alexa Skills
  • Coupons & ticketing*
  • Small partner network
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

*Tickets: resmio charges a booking fee of six percent (6%) per ticket.

** Exclusive offer for all new customers with contract conclusion from June 12, 2019 | Subject to availability!

The resmio Add-ons

Only available in PREMIUM tariff

Seating chart

as iPad App (iOS)
19.90 EUR p.m.

SMS notification**

for new reservations
8.90 EUR p.m.


with newsletter function
9.90 EUR p.m.

Reservation confirmation

via SMS
8.90 EUR p.m.

Shift schedule

for personnel management
7.90 EUR p.m.

Reservation reminder

via SMS
8.90 EUR p.m.

Google Ads service

Choose your budget
3.30 EUR min. per day

Food preodering

(coming soon)
9.90 EUR p.m.

Guest WIFI

with feedback function
29.90 EUR p.m.

**SMS service: A maximum of two phone numbers can be stored.

resmio basic tarif

BASIC: The free reservation tool

Your advantage: This version of our Gastro App is free

Basic is the ideal choice

  • if you have no previous experience with a booking program and would like to get used to using it first – or
  • if you only receive a few reservations but your staff doesn’t have time to answer the phone, especially during rush hours – or
  • if you only receive occasional reservation requests directly via Facebook

Included in the limited version:

  • a digital online reservation book (free),
  • a simple website (free) – and
  • a widget with a table reservation software (free) for the website.

In addition, you have a practical ticket function at your disposal and you can register your restaurant free of charge on the pages of our partner network with just one click.

Digital reservation book free of charge

No more limits! From now on you can get as many reservations as you want – without any costs or conditions.

Would you like some more?

If you want to use resmio without a limit, the Premium rate is the right choice for you.

resmio premium tarif

PREMIUM: The reservation tool for successful restaurateurs

Your advantage: Unlimited reservations at a fixed price + Add-ons

Premium is the ideal choice

  • if you want to automate the reservation process of your restaurant to give your staff more time to serve your guests,
  • if you want to increase the number of reservations in your restaurant to better plan ahead economically,
  • if you want access to the many other features of resmio, etc.

The paid version includes:

  • a digital booking system available online via Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.,
  • a simple website,
  • a widget with the online reservation system for the website,
  • a coupon & ticket function for special events,
  • an automatic creation of profile entries on the pages of our partner network,
  • an automatic reservation reminder to guests via e-mail with directions and map,
  • the activation of guest ratings,
  • the “user rights management” function – and
  • extensive reports and statistics on reservation performance.

Another advantage for Premium tarif users: the integrated Gastro App Store is activated. Via this app numerous useful services can be booked in addition:

  • an individually adaptable, graphic table plan (iPad App) with different rooms,
  • a digital roster,
  • an automatic reservation reminder to guests via SMS,
  • a SMS notification service when new reservations are received,
  • a WLAN package for guests (“here free Wifi available”),
  • the booking of individual advertising via Google Ads,
  • a marketing package with newsletter tool and many other useful functions,
  • a database for managing guest information (guest management),
  • and much more.

Available soon: the online pre-ordering of food and drinks (digital menu).

The booking system for your successful Gastronomy

Premium is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern gastronomy. Based on the feedback we receive from experienced restaurateurs, we continuously develop our product further and test it with selected partners.