Good planning is everything

Using the planning tools by resmio, you can easily optimize the capacities of your restaurant.

Visual overview of rooms, shifts and key figures


Optimize your planning and take the most out of your resources


Less no-shows and financial security

Management Tool for restaurants by resmio

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More planning security, more control, more revenue!

Day-to-day business in gastronomy is often stressful. Therefore, planning is essential when it comes to keeping track of guest seating, management of resources, staff and reservations. How about a tool that helps pursuing mentioned fields? Gain planning security with the table and duty roster, the statistics center and deposits for reservations.

Our features in order to improve the planning of your business day

Important payment methods already included

Table Management with resmio Tables iPad App

Table management can be so easy!

Your graphical table plan on the web and the iPad app provides transparency of all rooms in your restaurant at any time. Keep track of occupied and free tables. Service staff can assign seats smart and forward-looking to reduce waiting times for guests.


Individual design of all rooms


Conveniently check and manage all reservations, notes and requests


Manage guest data and tags easily, always keep track of future reservations and occupancy

Reservation guarantee – minimize sales losses, stay flexible

Tired of bearing all costs when guests cancel or don’t show up? With the deposit for reservations, we guarantee fewer exhausting days. Guests can only book a table online if they make a deposit. Thus, you can decide whether you keep the amount or refund of no-shows or for cancellations.


Secure payment options for guests: credit card, direct debit, Paypal


More reliable guests and thus more planning security


Less financial risk and flexibility in repayment options

Planung Statistikceneter

Always keep track of everything

Whether you make use of the deposit function, our shift plan or the statistics center – with resmio you maintain control over reservation occupancy, personnel scheduling and planning of purchases and other resources.

The table plan gives you an overview over the seating. You can also set up automated table prioritization, as well so that the best seats are always assigned first when someone make an online reservation.

One system, many benefits – for your success!


Payment guarantee

With the deposit for reservations, you don’t have to pay for cancellations or no-shows. You can keep the deposit.


Higher service efficiency

Automatic notifications of incoming reservations save time and relieve your staff.


Intuitive iPad App

The iPad app is available on the App Store. No iPad? No problem. The graphical table plan is also available on the web for computers and laptops.


Manage your team

The shift schedule: created quickly and can be shared at any time via WhatsApp or e-mail. Your team always keeps track of plan changes.



Statistics show improvement potential in restaurant management. Diagrams show current conditions.


Optimal support for you

Do you have questions about the table, duty roster or the statistics center? We will be happy to help you on the phone, by email or chat!

iPad Shift plan

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