Good planning is everything

Using the planning tools by resmio, you can easily optimize the capacities of your restaurant.

Table plan software

So everyone can stay on top of things

With the helpful seating chart, all employees, especially new ones, can get an overview without a great deal of instruction. This feature will also help in optimizing your occupancy rate. Currently, this feature is only available in the iPad.


Your restaurant reports & stats

Measure the heartbeat of your restaurant

How many reservations do you receive on average per day, per week, or per month? What is the ratio of walk-ins to reservations? Did your advertising measures result in more reservations? … Find out!

Your shift schedule

Shift planning made simple

Do you still laboriously create your work plans by hand from week to week? The resmio digital shift plan saves you a lot of time and paper from now on. Zone your restaurant into zones and areas, assign staff to them, and view all shifts and hours in one view. resmio makes shift planning child’s play.