Vital Stats

Keep track of the restaurant capacity utilization, your sales and the guest satisfaction over a longer period of time with the monitoring tool, so that you can optimize your resource and staff planning on the basis of the data measured.

Improve guest satisfaction

Based on your guest ratings, you will receive a cumulative representation and evaluation of your guests’ satisfaction in terms of quality of food and service, as well as overall satisfaction.

Increase sales

Keep track of the development of your bookings, cancellations and no shows. Meaningful reporting allows you to identify problems and optimization potential in good time, which has an impact on your profit margin.

analysis of peak times

Reporting and analysis center – your advantages

Measure the restaurant performance in the resmio reporting and analysis center, check how many table bookings you generate on average online and by hand as well as the ratio of regular guests, the number of no-shows and much more. Thus, you can identify the chances of success of your promotional and marketing campaigns as well as improvement potentials for your restaurant management.

Your report center will help you identify these metrics


Number of online reservations, manual bookings, and orders (for pickup, delivery, and at the table).


Sales / average sales per guest for the previous month


Daily, weekly and monthly number of guests and average group size


Number of impressions of your reservation tool and the booking rate


Data on visits at peak times based on days of the week / times of day


Total number of no-shows and cancellations per month as well as details on guest satisfaction with dining and service experience

Heartbeat of your business

Track the success of your restaurant for more control and overview

Success and higher profit margins can only be achieved in the long term if the processes and service quality of your restaurant business are constantly optimized and changes in guest satisfaction and booking behavior are monitored. If you rely exclusively on your instincts when it comes to restaurant management, you run the risk of missing out on optimization potential, downward trends or negative shifts in restaurant occupancy.

The resmio analysis tool helps you to keep an overview of all areas, to precisely determine actual conditions and to align these with desired key figures.

Clean reports for better planning

Among other things, a clean analysis and reporting provide you with valuable information on the booking rate, the amount of your guests and no-shows as well as the average group size – and thus provide insights into the required capacities and resources. It will help you to adjust staffing and planning of your resources and – if necessary – to reorganize operations.

Weekly report for restaurants

Your weekly report for better evaluation of results

Your weekly report keeps you up to date every Monday on the performance of your bookings, orders, guest figures, and customer satisfaction.

In addition, your report is enhanced with specific suggestions for further improvements. This gives you a much better picture of your success with resmio and allows you to get the most out of your system!

Your key metrics always with you on your smartphone

With the resmio app for reservation management, you always have your key figures available on your phone, regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS device.

A more compact version of the statistics center is already integrated into the app and provides you with the ability to view performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

App for iOS and Android

The smartphone app for simple reservation management on the go can be booked as an optional add-on.

Bewertungen Analyse

Increase guest satisfaction, boost sales

Guest feedback provides valuable insights to identify flaws in the quality of service and opportunities for improvement in all areas of your restaurant. The evaluation of guest reviews shows the level of satisfaction with regard to the food and the perception of the service. For example, particularly popular dishes or requests can be revealed.

With the help of these results, you can focus on the preferences of your customers and, for instance, launch specials and targeted promotions such as a Happy Hour on otherwise less frequented days.

By taking your guests’ criticisms into account, you’ll be able to improve your staff’s service performance and perhaps even win back less enthusiastic visitors.

Discover the potential of your restaurant with the report center!