Analyses & reports on the performance of your restaurant business

  • Statistics on booking tendencies
  • Discover potentials for improvement
  • More satisfied guests thanks to a better service

Report and analysis function – your advantages

Measure your restaurant’s performance by means of the resmio report and analysis function, determine how many table reservations on average you generate online and manually, as well as the proportion of regular guests, the number of no-shows and much more. In this way you can identify the success chances of your advertising and marketing measures as well as improvement potentials for your restaurant management.

Improve guest satisfaction
Based on your guest reviews you receive an accumulated representation and assessment of your guests' satisfaction with regard to the quality of the food and services as well as their general satisfaction.
Statistics for optimum planning
Monitor the development of your restaurant occupancy, your turnover and the satisfaction of your guests over a longer period of time with the aid of the analysis function, so that you can optimize your resource and personnel planning on the basis of the determined values.
Increase turnover
Maintain an overview of the number of reservations, of how long your restaurant visitors stay and the success of your promotion campaigns. Conclusive reporting enables you to recognize problems in time and identify optimization potentials that will have an effect on your profit margins.

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Success analyses for more control and overview

Only when the processes and service quality of your restaurant business are constantly optimized and changes in guest satisfaction as well as booking tendencies are registered, can long-term success and higher profit margins be achieved. Anyone simply relying on their gut feeling in the area of restaurant management is in danger of missing optimization potentials, downward trends or negative changes in restaurant occupancy. resmio’s analysis tool helps you to keep track of all areas, to precisely establish the current state and compare this with the desired parameters.

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Accurate analyses for better planning

Compare actual figures with target figures so that you can measure, predict and optimize your restaurant’s performance. Accurate analyses and reports give you valuable information amongst other things on the reservation rate, the number of your regular guests and no-shows as well as on the required capacities and resources. This helps you to adapt your staff deployment and resource planning to the current circumstances and prognoses and – if necessary – set about reorganization.

Restaurant key figures, analyses and reports

Through the analysis and report function you can examine the following factors and data more closely in order to discover improvement potentials and understand your guests’ booking behaviour:

  • Number of online and manual reservations
  • Number of guests daily, weekly or monthly
  • Source of the reservations
  • Number of call-ups of the reservation tool and the reservation rate
  • Number of regular guests and no-shows per month as well as the average group size
  • Average length of time your guests stay
  • Frequency of idle periods and unoccupied tables
  • Amount of the average bill per table or guest
  • etc.
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Increase turnover

Guest reviews supply important clues for recognizing service quality deficiencies and improvement possibilities in all areas of your restaurant. The statistical registration of the guest reviews primarily shows satisfaction with regard to the food and the perception of services. Particularly popular dishes or wishes can be shown here, for example.

With the aid of these results you can thus focus on the preferences of the restaurant guests and, for example, offer specials and targeted promotion campaigns and Happy Hours. If you take your guests’ points of criticism into account you will increase your staff’s service performance and perhaps even win back less enthusiastic guests.

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