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resmio free responsive website for restaurateurs

You need a website for your restaurant, bistro or café? Fast, cheap and as easy as possible? We have a convenient solution for you. With resmio you can launch a simple ready-made homepage for your business in only 5 minutes.

  • No HTML or CSS knowledge required
  • Select one of three ready-made templates (more coming soon)
  • No additional costs like e.g. for web hosting
  • With resmio table reservation function
  • Optimized for mobile phones (responsive)
  • With directions and contact details

Almost infinite possibilities

When you are searching for the terms “restaurant website” on the Internet, you will come across offers from numerous agencies or providers of well-known website builder tools. For someone who never deals with this topic in everyday life, the amount of possibilities can be almost overwhelming.

Make or buy?

There are countless available agencies and freelance web developers. As a layman, however, you are often easy prey for obscure service providers who deliver a substandard website, charge horrendous fees and tie you to a multi-year maintenance contract. If, for example, you would like to decide on a web agency due to lack of time and expertise, we recommend that you clarify the following points in advance:

  1. What references does the supplier have?
  2. In what content management systems is the provider proficient in?
  3. Can you maintain the finished website yourself or will you require the help of a web developer each time you wish to change something?
  4. How many working hours will it take to create the website?
  5. Does the provider have sufficient available resources to meet your deadline – and what happens if not?
  6. What is the hourly rate?
  7. What level of expertise does the service provider have in search engine optimization (SEO)?
  8. How did the page visibility of the service provider’s reference website change after completion?
  9. What is the page score of the service provider’s reference website? Page Score describes the technical quality factor.

Choose the right web agencies

For you as a restaurateur, the cost factor is probably the most important factor in the selection criteria. But be careful! Today, a website is often regarded as a first impression when potential guests get an idea of your gastronomy. “There is no second first impression“. A badly made or outdated website does not encourage a visit. Therefore the costs should be included in your evaluation but should not be the decisive selection criterion.

A good agency should take the time to get to know you, your team and your gastronomy. Develop a feeling for who you are and who your guests are. However, a 1-day workshop is not necessary for this. It is enough for the contact person of the agency to drop by for a meal.

You eat with your eyes” – The principle also applies to a restaurant page. A good agency knows User Experience Design (UX) and can explain to you how a good User Experience Design should look like.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is today the supreme discipline of many web agencies and a good strategy should be considered absolutely with the production of your side. It is not enough that your future Gastro page “only” looks beautiful and works. It must also load quickly and be optimized for mobile phones (responsive). In addition, the page must not contain any serious technical errors and should be optimized from the start for the correct keywords. Don’t underestimate the topic “SEO”, otherwise you’ll end up paying a lot of money for a website that doesn’t appear in the search results on Google & Co.

Using a website builder

“Hey, I just created a website for my business….” Those who are often on Youtube may know advertisements like these. If you are technically savvy, have got enough time and want to save cash, you can easily build a simple website yourself. Nowadays there are numerous providers of excellent website builders. These ready-made solutions make it possible for everyone to create a good homepage quickly and relatively cheaply. Programming knowledge is not required.

Providers of website maker solutions like Jimdo or Wix are among the most popular solutions and offer a highly user-friendly visual editor. According to the principle “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) different elements such as images can be inserted, colors and font styles can be changed, and much more. Almost all providers also have finished and thematically adapted templates, which only need to be adapted individually. So even an inexperienced user can create a website alone in a few hours.

How much does it cost to create a restaurant website?

The question is not easy to answer. It all depends on:

  1. What country you live in
  2. How many pages and much content you want on your website
  3. The complexity of your website project
  4. Whether you want to create a website yourself
  5. If you prefer hiring professionals (a freelance web developer or an agency)

In case you decide to do it yourself consider using builder tools like Jimdo or Wix. They offer a free version with limited functions or you pay a monthly fee between 8 and 25 Euro for premium access. The products of these suppliers are quite good and usually suffice for simple projects.

Somebody who intends to build a more extensive website should consider using WordPress. The world’s most successful Content Management System (CMS) is not as easy to use as the above-mentioned tools and requires some basic technical knowledge. The good thing about WordPress is, it’s free of charge and offers an unparalleled amount of functionalities. To get it right, we recommend relying on experienced experts for the creation of a WordPress page.

When you already have an existing website and want to redesign it or wish to have a complete make-over: rather consult an expert. As soon as the homepage of your restaurant has been visited by search engine bots and/or your page has a backlink from another external page, it becomes a bit tricky. This means that e.g. Google knows all your pages and assigns quality scores to it. This quality score impacts your ranking within the search results. Again: Only real SEO-experts should work on existing restaurant websites. Otherwise, the relaunch of your homepage could lead to a serious ranking drop on search results pages.

How much does it cost, to get a new and rather simple homepage from an expert? It depends on who you consult and what you are looking for. In Western Europe, the estimated cost is about 1.500 Euro plus 19 percent VAT. Although there aren’t real price limits, you shouldn’t be spending more than 3.000 Euro net for the creation of a new restaurant website.