Digital waitlist system for restaurants –
full tables all the time!

Allow guests to be placed on a digital waitlist. Quickly reseat tables with waiting customers, especially in case of last-minute cancellations.

Digital waitlist for restaurants and gastronomy
Flexible and clear

All seats occupied? No worries! Using our reservation widget, guests can simply add themselves to the digital wait list. Your staff can then fill empty seats in next to no time via the entries in the digital queue.

No-show compensation

It is particularly frustrating for restaurant owners when guests do not follow through on their reservations. With the wait list, you have a backup plan in hand to quickly fill empty tables. This way, you can optimize capacity utilization and avoid sales shortfalls.

Improved guest service

As soon as guests join your online waitlist, they automatically receive a notification via e-mail. If you turn the waiting list entry into a booking, guests are immediately notified of the news.

Waiting List

Provide an extra service for guests with the digital waiting list

You are probably familiar with this situation: Guests contact you for a reservation, but there is simply no vacancy in your restaurant at the requested time. If the customer isn’t exactly flexible in his choice of time, you’ve already lost him to competitors. By adding them to your digital waiting list, however, you offer them a real opportunity to book a table later on. Guests are happy about the extra service. And since automated e-mail notifications are sent to guests to confirm or cancel their reservations, your staff will save valuable time!

Your handy Waitlist – everything at a glance


Digital waiting list for online reservations, spontaneous walk-ins and telephone inquiries


Automatic sending of e-mail notifications to guests about waiting list entry, reservation confirmation and cancellation


Visible notification of the number of waiting list entries directly in your digital reservation book


More insight for the staff about waiting guests and flexibility in case of no-shows and cancellations

Your backup plan for unexpected cancellations

Fill seats easily & quickly with waitlist

The feature for managing a digital wait list is available for all customers with a PREMIUM plan or higher. Guests and walk-ins can be manually added to or removed from the queue at any time if capacities are limited. Your reservation widget allows guests to conveniently check your available seats. Should everything be fully booked at the desired time, there is still the option to be set on the queue via the widget.

Integrated within your online reservation form

Your waitlist is linked straight to resmio’s online reservation widget. If there are no availabilities, your guests can easily add their contact details to the list. Those waiting will be notified automatically by e-mail if a booking is confirmed or canceled.


Guest E-Mails

Customizable content of automated waiting list emails

Waiting List in booking Widget for restaurnts
Ansicht Warteliste- in der Webapp

Digital waiting list – no more getting bogged down!

Forget about messy paper waiting lists – the resmio digital queuing system gives your service staff more control and flexibility to make the best use of your available table capacity.

Using your resmio reservation book, you have an overview of the capacity utilization at all times and can fill empty seats with waiting guests from the list. The organized overview with contact details, group size and time of the waiting list entry takes a lot of work off your hands.

Digital waitlist for restaurants and gastronomy

Don’t miss potential guests

Be one step ahead of your competition! The wait list encourages customers to choose your restaurant instead of going right to the competition. Plus, it gives you a valuable window of opportunity during busy periods, so your employees can easily take advantage of it.

As a result, you make better use of available seating capacities while the smooth operation increases the guest satisfaction.

Optimize your utilization with the digital waiting list for the restaurant