Have occupied tables at all times thanks to the digital waitlist

  • Waitlist for an efficient reservation management
  • Higher guest satisfaction with little effort
  • More flexibility and maximum occupancy rate of your restaurant

Advantages of the digital waitlist

Don’t make hungry guests wait in the entrance area or in front of the restaurant until at some point a table is free. Thanks to the resmio waitlist you avoid a lot of frustration on behalf of your guests since you have a better organisation and management of booking requests.

Flexible and transparent
Are all your seats taken? No problem! Guests can be put on the digital waitlist easily via the booking widget. If a seat becomes available - for example because someone cancelled a reservation or simply does not show up on short notice - the guest will be informed automatically as soon as a staff member transforms the waitlist entry into a reservation with only one click.
Replacement for no-shows
It is always annoying for restaurant owners when guest do not show up although they do have a reservation! The waitlist is the ideal “plan B” to occupy tables in case of no-shows. That way resource and personnel planning are not being shaken and sales losses are reduced.
Comfortable waiting time
Long waiting times can put guests in a bad mood quickly. If the restaurateur puts a walk-in on the waitlist, this customer can occupy himself with other things instead of being bored of having to wait on site. As soon as a waitlist entry is transformed into a reservation the guest receives a notification via e-mail containing the booking confirmation - provided that the e-mail address has been requested before. That way there is nothing to prevent a positive restaurant experience!

Get more guests in your restaurant today

Waitlist is free of charge for premium and ultimate customers

The digital waitlist function is included for all our customers who have booked at least the premium package without additional fees. Guests and walk-ins can be manually added to or removed from the waitlist at any time in case of limited capacities. Guests can check your capacities via the booking widget at all times. If no seat is available during the desired time there still exists the possibility to put yourself on the waitlist via the widget.

waitlist webapp

Digital waitlist - no more paperwork!

Forget about chaotic waitlists on paper – the digital waitlist gives your service staff an overview, the flexibility and possibilities to use table capacities in a logical way. No matter if walk-ins or guests who conveniently put themselves on the waitlist on the way – the structured listing of waiting guests supports your team to quickly react to short-term cancellations or no-shows.

The convenient waitlist - everything at a glance

waitlist for the booking widget, spontaneous walk-ins & requests over the phone

Fully booked? Guests can be put on the waitlist at any time and from everywhere via booking widget

maximum use of table capacities and available resources

automatic notifications via e-mail as soon as the entry on the waitlist is transformed into a reservation

better overview of waiting guests for staff members and flexibility regarding no-shows

less sales loss because of no-shows and maximum use of resources


Do not miss out on potential guests

Be one step ahead of your competitors! The waitlist helps to make restaurant visitors return more often as soon as capacities are actually available once again instead of directly going to your competition. All in all you are using existing table capacities optimally and the smooth processing increases your guests’ satisfaction.

waitinglist laptop

The digital waitlist for your restaurant

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