Table plan software for your restaurant

  • Design rooms, coordinate capacities
  • Have your guests seated without waiting times
  • Simultaneous access for all service staff

Visual table plan – discover your advantages

With the visual table plan everyone in the team has a visual overview of guest seating and restaurant occupancy! The easy-to operate iPad (iOS) and the graphical table plan on the Web visually display all your restaurant rooms and pending reservations.

Uncomplicated table management
All availabilities, reservations and already occupied tables can be seen at a glance. In this way guests and walk-in customers can be allocated easily to a table.
Visual representation of all rooms
Whether the beer garden, the bar or other indoor restaurant rooms, all rooms including table arrangement and room design can be depicted realistically with the graphical table plan.
Maximize your restaurant occupancy
Within the table plan an info box can be attached to each table showing reservations and their times. The overview of free spaces enables appropriate seating of the guests and thus the best possible occupancy.

Get more guests in your restaurant today

Optimal table planning with maximum occupancy

The visual representation of the rooms is particularly helpful for new service staff so that they can quickly find their way around the restaurant, for example, and familiarize themselves with areas allocated to them. But the graphical table plan is also a help in the day-to-day routine for all the service staff or staff filling in spontaneously for a different shift, in order to gain a quick overview of all reservations and capacities.

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Design rooms with the table plan editor

You can represent and design all rooms individually. You have the choice of different table forms and sizes, plants, walls and flooring which can be placed in different positions so that, for example, you can also depict larger group reservations. In addition to this a timeline is at your disposal, allowing a chronological visualization of your reservations and rooms.

Manage reservations and table plan

Reservation can be allocated directly to a table by drag & drop. If required, tables can be swapped between reservations, moved together or arranged differently.

For each room shown you are free to decide how many tables and seats can be booked online and how many tables should be available for walk-ins or occasional customers. Generally speaking it is possible to define tables with a maximum seating capacity, to block them for certain days and times, or also occupy them several times.

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Less waiting time and more guest satisfaction

In the restaurant business capacities are frequently inadequately utilized. With the graphical table plan you reduce the situations where small groups of guests occupy large tables whilst a larger group has to wait or be turned away, and at the same time smaller tables remain unoccupied. The visual overview of the table distribution including a timeline and the info boxes supports your staff by the fact that the placing of the guests is done in a foresighted way and the restaurant is filled to capacity. Waiting times can be minimized this way and your guests enjoy a pleasant restaurant experience.

Efficient & comfortable – table plan app for your restaurant

Individual room design

Create rooms and choose suitable table shapes

Easily recognize guests

Enter and save guest data; Add tags to the reservation e.g. birthday, allergies.

Always make use of full restaurant capacity

Monitor table occupancy and manage future reservations.


Chronological overview of your reservations and rooms.


Stay up to date of all open inquiries and daily notes.

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The full-service solution for your restaurant management

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