Simple table management

All availabilities, bookings and already occupied tables are visible at a glance. This allows guests and walk-in customers to be assigned to a table smoothly.

Visual representation of all rooms

Whether beer garden, terrace, bar or other interior spaces – all rooms in the restaurant, including table arrangement and room design, can be realistically mapped via the digital table plan.

Utilize restaurant capacity

An info box with reservations and their times can be displayed at each table within the table plan. The overview of free capacities enables a proper seating of the guests and thus the achieving of the best possible capacity utilization.

Visual Table Plan Tool for Restaurants

The graphical table plan
– for optimal utilization and a better overview

The graphic table plan is a reliable tool for reservation management. The built-in online table plan on the web and the separately available iPad app “resmio Tables” give your staff a complete picture of the current restaurant capacity utilization.

At the same time, your employees are able to seat guests on your existing tables with foresight. In combination with resmio’s digital menu, it is also easy to manage incoming online orders for pickup and delivery.

For greater mobility: Also available as a table plan app for IOS


Individual room design

Create multiple rooms and choose suitable table shapes


Maximize restaurant utilization

Monitor table occupancy and view upcoming bookings.


Easily recognize guests

Add and save guest data; attach tags to the reservation e.g. birthday, allergies.



Work with a time-based representation of your reservations and rooms.



Stay up to date with a list of open requests, orders, and today’s notes.

Zeitstrahl für den Tischplan

An invaluable asset,
day after day

The digital table plan software gives your team a clearer view of the business

The visual representation of the rooms is especially helpful for new service staff, for example, to quickly find their way around the restaurant and to internalize assigned areas.

But also for the entire service staff or for employees who spontaneously fill in for another shift, the graphic table plan is a help in day-to-day business to get a quick overview of all bookings and capacities at any time.

Design rooms with ease using the table plan editor

Room creation is easy with the graphical table plan. Choose between different table shapes and sizes, plants, walls and floor coverings. Use drag & drop to place objects effortlessly in the desired position. By aligning the room objects with the grid, you can create a harmonious, symmetrical appearance.

Raumeditor grafischer Tischplan
table management app for restaurants

Manage reservations and table plan freely

Improve the efficiency of table management in your restaurant like never before. Add new bookings in no time and assign them to free tables via drag & drop. Manage guest data right from the app and attach tags and notes to table bookings. If necessary, tables can be swapped between reservations, pushed together or rearranged just as easily.

Keep control over your table utilization

For each room you design, you can freely determine how many tables and seats can be reserved online and how many tables should be available for walk-ins. At the same time, you have the option of defining tables with a maximum seating or capacity, blocking them for certain days and times, or reserving them multiple times. You have full control!

Platzierung im Tischplan
Grafischen Tischplan verwalten

Shorter waiting times, higher guest satisfaction

In the hospitality business, seating capacity is often underutilized. The graphical table plan helps you reduce situations in which small groups of guests fill large tables while a larger group has to wait or be kept waiting and at the same time small tables remain unoccupied.

The handy timeline view helps your team to keep an eye on the current occupancy rate at all times and to allocate bookings more effectively to free time slots and seats. This way, waiting times can be minimized and your guests can enjoy a pleasant restaurant experience.

The table plan software for restaurants – Simplify your everyday business with the graphical table plan!