Greater control over your reservations with deposits

Minimize no shows and increase customer commitment. Keep a deposit payment from your guests in order to confirm their reservation.

Accept Deposits as a restaurant for your table reservations
Higher safety

Enable guests to book online if they pay a deposit. As soon as customers cancel outside the deadline or do not show up, it is at your disposal to withhold the payment.

Reduce no-shows

As soon as you force your customers to pay a fixed fee, you can count on more reliability. They won’t be so quick to forget a booking or at least cancel it in time.

Greater predictability

Since the deposit results in fewer no-shows, it maximizes restaurant utilization and makes it easier to plan your resources and staff.

Worst-case situation: Some guests and larger groups reserve at peak times, only to not show up at all. You can’t find people to fill the empty tables spontaneously. This results in you having to shoulder the costs for staff and food. The financial losses are in the five-figure range per year!

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Reserve for a deposit –
don’t let No Shows get you into trouble!

Save yourself the unnecessary hassle: By charging a deposit for reservations (“no show fee”) via resmio, you create more liability. Accept table bookings only against prepayment, give your seats a value! Our restaurant deposit feature helps you dramatically reduce your no-show and cancellation rates. 365 days a year or only on selected days and times – your choice!

All major payment methods already integrated

No show fee –
this is how the reservation guarantee works

Should your restaurant implement a no show fee?

Restaurant owners are sometimes concerned that requiring a deposit can be a turn-off for guests. On the other hand, the pressure to cut costs puts venues with limited seats and high costs for stock and staff under pressure.

Flexible adjustment of resmios deposit feature

With this in mind, resmio’s deposit feature is highly customizable.

Highly customizable deposit configuration for restaurants

You define deposit policies based on your restaurant business. Prepayments for certain days and time periods can be specified as well as a mandatory deposit from a set group size.

Payment of deposits for reservations is easy

Prepayment reservation: Your guests pay online conveniently by credit card, direct debit or via PayPal. We do not charge any commission fees on advance payments*.

Refund deposit for table reservations with just a few clicks

Establish your cancellation guidelines: Collect the deposit in the event of a no-show or trigger a full / partial refund with just a few clicks.


* No transaction fees for down payments.

resmio only transfers fees that are incurred through the use of service of payment platforms and does not charge additional costs for transactions

Credit and debit cards: 1.4% + €0.25 for European cards and 2.9% + €0.25 for non-European cards.
PayPal: 2.49% + €0.35 per domestic transaction.

Email notifications as an extra tool against No Shows

You gain further planning reliability through automated notifications that are sent to the guest 24 hours before the actual table reservation by e-mail and SMS. Your guests will see the reservation reminder as a pleasant service; in the end, it saves you valuable time and frustration.

Deposits Refund Options

Your restaurant, your rules

What is a booking worth to you (per person)? And at what point do you pull the trigger on cancellations and no-shows? You have a variety of options for dealing with deposits. Decide for yourself whether you only want to keep the full amount for no-shows and very last-minute cancellations, for example, or only for missed reservations above a certain group size.

You have the following (refund) options:

  • You can keep the full amount
  • You offset the deposit against an invoice
  • You have the amount transferred back to the account previously deposited by the guest.

Gain back control of your reservations with deposits