More control of your reservation trough deposits

  • Reduce turnover loss
  • Improve resource planning
  • Optimize restaurant occupancy rate

The add-on for deposits – advantages at a glance

Say no to no-shows. When individual guests and large groups make reservations at busy times or on bank holidays and then do not turn up, you as restaurant proprietor are often left with the costs for staff and food. Not just that you may have had to turn down other reservations and regular guests, but a reorganization of your staff department and resource planning has also been necessary. Such problems can be reduced with the resmio deposit – spare yourself financial damage and unnecessary stress.

More security and less turnover loss
With the resmio add-on for deposits, restaurant guests can only book online if they pay a deposit. As soon as guests cancel or simply do not show up, it is up to you whether you keep the deposit.
Fewer no-shows
As soon as your guests are obliged to pay a set amount, you can reckon with more reliability. In this way they will not forget the reservation so easily or will at least cancel it on time.
Optimal predictability
As the deposit leads to fewer no-shows, the restaurant occupancy is maximized and it is easier to plan your resources and staff.

Get more guests in your restaurant today

How the reservation guarantee works

Should your restaurant introduce a reservation guarantee as is already customary in other branches? If your restaurant business struggles with frequent no-shows or is affected by enormous turnover losses and your resource planning even suffers from this, then a reservation deposit can be helpful to put an end to these annoyances.

Anzahlungsoption Gästeperspektive

Keep the deposit or pay it back?

There are various possibilities open to you of how you can handle the deposits. Decide yourself, for example, whether you want to retain the full deposit amount with no-shows or very late cancellations, or whether just with no-shows of groups of a certain size. You have the following (re)payment options:

  • You can retain the full amount
  • You offset the deposit with a bill
  • You transfer the amount back to the guest’s account

Payment methods for your guests: Credit card, direct debit, Paypal

Transaction charges for deposits

resmio only transfers charges incurred from using the payment service platform and makes no additional charges for transactions.

Credit and debit cards: By transactions made with credit and debit cards, 1.4% + 0.25 € is charged for European cards and 2.9% + 0.25 € for all others cards.

Paypal: Your Paypal business account is free. Only with a transaction is a charge of 2.49% + 0.35 € per inland transaction made.


Financial guarantee for better planning

You know the day-to-day routine and your restaurant guests best, which is why you decide according to your own preferences when your guests are obliged to pay a reservation deposit and in which cases you can retain this. More planning security and a financial back-up: the resmio add-on for deposits ensures that you are less affected by no-shows in the future; this saves expense and nerves. On average you can reckon with greater guest reliability and in this way optimize the occupancy of your premises and your staff load.

Deposits for table reservations - an overview of all functions

  • Deposits for reservations for individual periods
  • Define an individual deposit amount per guest or the entire reservation
  • (Optional) Allow guests to cancel free of charge
  • Define deposits for different group sizes
  • Individual notice in the reservation widget and confirmation emails that are sent to the guest
  • No commissions, only a transaction fee for external payment providers
  • Refund options: withhold the deposit, offset payment against invoice, transfer back to the guest’s account

Keep an overview of your resource planning and all your reservations

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