Duty rosters created quickly and easily

Your staff schedule can be created in minutes, shared and revised at any time. Add staff profiles, assign employees to specific work areas and shifts. Plan absences and annual leaves – all in one system!

Clearly arranged shift plan

Assign working times and areas of responsibility to your employees and show them in your shift plan in the daily, weekly or monthly view. The visual interface with distinct layouts and color coding makes it easy to plan shifts.

Better staff planning

Since the digital shift plan provides you with a good overall view, you can easily manage your staff resources in advance. All shifts, working hours and areas of responsibility can be easily illustrated and assigned to your service staff.

Shift Schedule Tool for Restaurants

Shift Planning Tool for restaurants

Shift planning in the restaurant business can quickly become confusing and time-consuming. Especially if an non-structured representation is chosen or the process is as inconvenient as with Excel. resmio provides you and your employees with an intuitive online tool in the form of the digital duty roster.

Our cloud-based shift planning tool simplifies the creation of staff schedules and workforce planning in your restaurant, café or bar tremendously – you benefit from an ideal overview of all shifts at all times and noticeable time savings when creating your staff schedules. Give it a try!

These features make staff scheduling a breeze


Management of relevant employee HR data in your own booking system (you don’t need any additional software)


Separate time-off calendar provides an overview of planned vacations, sick leave received, and other absences


Create recurring appointments, copy / paste an existing shift schedule with just a few clicks


Definition and assignment of work or responsibility areas for employees (e.g. activities at the bar, in the outdoor area, etc.)


Print online duty roster or download it as a screenshot. Share the personnel schedule with your employees via email or WhatsApp.


Maximized overview: day, week or month view can be selected in the shift schedule

Save hours of time!

Simplify your employee scheduling with resmio!

Developed specifically for the needs of the restaurant industry, our employee scheduling software is used by numerous restaurants on a daily basis. It eliminates the need for complicated and time-consuming shift planning in tools such as Excel or confusing paper rosters. Instead, you can easily manage your staff planning via your system, which you already use to successfully handle bookings and orders.

Shift scheduling made easy – managing human resources

Create your shift schedule within a few minutes. If an employee has to change his shift spontaneously or is absent at short notice, the adjustments are done with a few mouse clicks. The clear user interface provides an optimal overview of all shifts. In addition to a daily view, you also have a weekly and monthly view at your disposal, as well as the option to create series of appointments.

Using Shift Planer for restaurants with iPad
Absence Calendar included in Shift Planning Tool of resmio

Plan vacations and periods of time off with ease

Who is available and when? The time-off calendar in the digital duty roster gives you an insight into staff utilization in your restaurant and can help you identify bottlenecks in staffing at an early stage.

Color coding in the weekly and monthly views helps you to distinguish between employees who are available and those who are not, such as those who are on vacation or reported sick. In short: scheduling absences is easier, you save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Manage employee data – centralized using the duty roster tool

The smart duty roster tool from resmio enables the digital management of personnel data. Here you can find all relevant contact data of your employees in one place – so you don’t waste time searching for personnel information. The practical overview also gives you an immediate overview of absences and the annual leave contingent.

Employee details in shift plan
Shift plan areas

Get more organized with the shift schedule software

With the shift schedule software you are able to define precise areas of responsibility for your employees. Here, rooms and the corresponding tables are defined, which a service employee is to serve within the scope of an assigned shift.

This way, responsibilities can be defined exactly, arrangements can be improved and misunderstandings during a shift can be avoided. In addition, instructions and notes such as “In the dining room, please set all tables at all times” can be stored.

Finally, share shift plans conveniently via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Create your shift plan online and improve staff planning!