Your digital duty roster

  • Coordinate your staff resources smoothly
  • Simple and fast shift schedule set-up
  • Full transparency of all shifts

The digital duty roster – your advantages at a glance

Planning shifts in the restaurant branch can quickly become confusing and a time eater, especially if a non-structured model is chosen for this. resmio places the digital duty roster in your hands and those of your staff – an intuitive online tool. It creates an optimal overview of all shifts and saves you a great deal of work when setting up your staff plans.

Simple and fast set-up of duty rosters
You can simply set up a duty roster and edit it at any time. This includes the creation of staff profiles, individual shifts and the allocation of positions and rooms.
Clearly laid-out shift plan
Allocate your staff areas of responsibility and work times and display these in different views. The digital representation creates transparency and clarity of the pending shifts and allows all staff to see the entire duty roster, print it out or pass it on at any time via Whatsapp or email.
Better staff planning
As the digital duty roster give you a good comprehensive overview, it is easy to plan your staff resources in a foresighted way. All shifts, work times and areas of responsibility can be depicted easily and assigned to your service staff.

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Your staff deployment planning

The plan developed especially for the restaurant business is used by numerous restaurants in their day-to-day routine. Complicated, time-consuming shift planning in programmes like Excel or confusing duty rosters in paper form are rendered superfluous through this.


Manage your staff resources

Set up your duty roster within a few minutes. If someone needs to exchange his shift on the spur of the moment or will be absent at short notice, you can make adaptations by means of a few mouse clicks without any problems.

The digital duty roster makes it easy for you and your service staff to plan staff deployment long-term. You can thus predefine shifts and assign them to a person at a later point in time. Your digital duty roster gives you an optimal visual overview of all shifts: In addition to a day’s view, weekly and monthly views are also available to you, as well as the option of setting up recurring arrangements.

Organize areas of responsibility

You can put all your staff into the digital shift plan, add their job positions, master data and contact data and manage this at any time. Your team has the option of filtering all shifts of an individual service staff member. In addition to this it is possible to add notes so that, for example, staff shortages and availability or important information can be taken into consideration more easily.


Organize areas of responsibility

A further function that the digital shift plan for your restaurant offers is the establishment of different zones or areas of responsibility. Here rooms and their corresponding tables are defined which are to be served by a staff service member in their assigned shift. Responsibilities can be established precisely in this way and misunderstandings during a shift avoided. Furthermore, instructions or remarks can be added with this function, such as “Always lay the tables in the main hall”.


The full-service solution for your restaurant management

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