Free profile listings

resmio automatically creates listings for you at over 100 relevant portals, business directories, search engines and other cooperation partners. This saves time.

Little maintenance required

Thanks to real-time synchronization, changes and information about your restaurant are always kept up to date on all partner sites.

Your network for more coverage

Your restaurant and website will be found more easily by potential new restaurant visitors through our partner network.

List of partners in network by resmio

Be where your guests are –
with our partner network

Part of marketing a restaurant business is a strong web presence. Your restaurant should be found by potential guests through as many relevant channels, portals and directories as possible. With the help of resmio’s partner network, you can improve the position and visibility of your website in Google search results many times over.

We support you with access to our continuously growing partner network: This includes national and international partner sites, gastronomy portals, apps and business directories such as Google My Business, Speisekarte.de, Tripadvisor, Foursquare and Yelp.

Searched, found, booked

A strong partner network for your success!

Usually it costs you a lot of time and energy to create a profile on numerous industry and gastronomy sites and to keep them updated constantly. On the other hand, resmio customers only submit information about their restaurant once. With just one click, profile details are sent to all connected partner portals and are automatically synchronized in case of any changes. This allows you to focus more on your daily business and your guests instead of managing endless profiles by hand.

Minimal time required due to real-time synchronization

Simply fill in your address, contact information, opening hours and other restaurant details. Then your profile listings are published with our partners. Changes to your profile data are made centrally in your resmio account and are automatically updated for all partners. The real-time synchronization behind it takes a lot of work off your hands!

Restaurant Listing
Google Reserve SERP example

Your restaurant becomes bookable on many channels

Your guests want to book fast and easy. Why shouldn’t your restaurant offer a booking option right there, where potential customers usually find your restaurant online first?

Some network partners, such as Google, already have a direct booking option integrated, so potential guests don’t have to go to your website or Facebook profile first. We will activate your restaurant for instant bookings via Google free of charge and without obligation.

FAQ on the partner network

As soon as you have opened a resmio account and your restaurant has been verified by us, you will automatically be included in the partner network and your restaurant will be listed on the pages of our cooperation partners.

Sichtbarkeit im Web verbessern

Higher visibility on the Internet through listings in business portals

It’ not only on the street, but also on the Internet that restaurants have to compete for visibility.

To make sure that potential customers find your restaurant, listings in relevant directories, search engines, map services and social networks are key. resmio provides you with its extensive network at no extra cost.

This way you can increase the awareness of your restaurant and the visibility of your website without any extra effort.

Increase your visibility and benefit from our partner network today!

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We are there for you on the phone, by mail and live chat! You can find many manuals in our help section.

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Our team will help you to setup and customize resmio for your business.

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