Reservation reminder for your guests

  • Reservation reminder via email
  • Reduce reservation clashes
  • Increase turnover, optimize planning

Your advantages with the reservation reminder

With resmio you automatically send your guests a reservation confirmation and, in addition to this, a reminder via email 24 hours before their table reservation. You gain an overview of all your reservations, cancellations, no-shows and walk-ins. Gain planning security and utilize your restaurant’s potential to the full.

Reduce no-shows
Your guests receive a reservation confirmation and reminder via email. The reservation reminder ensures that your guests do not forget their reservations so easily and they can cancel in time if required.
More flexibility
You receive an email immediately if one of your guests cancels a reservation. In this way you can react quickly and offer the table that has become free to walk-in guests, or offer new reservations.
Less turnover loss
With fewer no-shows and early reservation cancellations, you can accept new reservations and optimize your restaurant occupancy and resource planning.

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Bye bye no-shows! Effective reservation reminders

No-shows in the daily restaurant business – familiar to all restaurant proprietors. Guests reserve a table for a particular time and then do not show up – and have not cancelled. For the restaurant proprietor this is not just annoying, but is also bad for business. resmio can counteract this problem with the reservation reminder!


Reservation confirmation and reminder

After your guests have made an online reservation, resmio automatically sends a reservation confirmation with all reservation details (e.g. number of persons, date, time, route directions). Your guest also has the possibility of noting the date in his calendar. Your guests receive an automatic reminder one day before the reservation. You can adapt the notification text according to your preferences and in this context also look after customer retention.

Avoid turnover loss

Through the resmio reservation reminder you will save costs and counteract turnover loss. As the reminder is sent 24 hours beforehand, not only will very few restaurant visitors be in danger of forgetting their reservation, but your guests also have enough time to cancel their reservation early if they no longer wish to take advantage of this.

Cancellation can be done by one click in the email, and you receive direct notification of this, likewise via email. From this you have the possibility of accepting new reservations or offering your table to walk-in customers instead of having to accept times with nothing to do and turnover loss.

reservation reminder

Better planning

You gain a comprehensive overview of cancellations at short notice and can coordinate your staff deployment, purchases and restaurant capacities better. Your staff will be grateful if they do not have to turn up for a shift for nothing.

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