Reservation reminder for restaurants

By sending reservation reminders via email and SMS, you can actively prevent no-shows. And ultimately increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

Less No-Shows

Your guests will receive a reservation confirmation and reminder by email. The reservation reminder ensures that your guests will keep their booking or cancel it in time.

More flexibility
You will immediately receive an email as soon as guests cancel their booking. This allows you to respond more quickly and share the table with walk-in customers or those on the waiting list.
More sales

Fewer no-shows and early cancellations mean you can take new bookings – and optimize your restaurant capacity. That means higher sales, which you would otherwise have missed.

Maximize your utilization with reservation notifications via email and SMS

An avoidable problem occurs when guests do not cancel their reservations in time. Especially in the case of group reservations, a lot of revenue is lost when tables are not occupied. Reservation notifications via e-mail and SMS are an effective tool for tackling no-shows. Fully automated booking confirmations and reservation reminders improve your capacity utilization in the long term. They also reduce the number of staff needed to answer the phone and make inquiries.

Automated service mails and SMS make your work easier –
day by day!


Service mails and SMS for reservation

Automatically send reservation requests, booking confirmations, cancellations, waitlist updates, and appointment reminders to guests and any recipients in your restaurant.


Referral marketing made easy

Asking for guest feedback can be difficult on a day-to-day basis. Automated feedback emails after the visit remind guests to leave a review. You gain more recommendations and boost your position against competitors.


Emails and SMS for orders

Inform service and kitchen immediately about newly received online orders and thus improve your turnaround time. Send guests an email and SMS notification when the order is ready for pickup.

Tell bye, bye to no-shows!

Booking reminders working effectively in day-to-day business

The no-shows in everyday restaurant life, which gastronomes are not familiar with it? Customers book a table for a popular time and don’t show up, most likely without canceling. For restaurant owners, this is not only annoying, but also damaging to business. Reservation reminders and confirmations address this problem. At the same time, no-shows can be made aware of the consequences with follow-up emails.

No Show Notification for guests

How email notifications from resmio work

When your guests submit a online booking, resmio automatically sends a confirmation with all relevant details of the reservation (e.g. number of people, date, time, location). Your guest also has the option to save the date in his calendar. One day before the reservation, your guests will receive a reminder.

Booking Notifications for Restaurants
Customizing Guest E-Mails

Customize guest emails and provide even better service!

Every restaurant is different. That’s why you can easily customize your guest emails to your restaurant: From the welcome text to the fade-in and fade-out of predefined elements such as contact data, the location map as well as buttons, there are many ways to do it. Even adding a link to the menu or an offer is no challenge! This way you can improve the service for your guests before their visit.

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Optimized for resmio marketing tools

Easy preselection of your digital menu, created vouchers, discount coupons and tickets

Our SMS service – the fast line to your guests!

SMS notifications are opened within the first minute in 95% of cases, statistically speaking. Which makes short messages even more effective than e-mails. From booking and order confirmations to appointment reminders and info SMS to your employees, you can have fully automated SMS sent via resmio.

sms notification by resmio
reservation notification

Reservation reminders directly contribute to your success

The success of your restaurant is ultimately defined by its service. Reservation reminders and other fully automated notifications come in handy here: Guests receive all the important details about their reservation and order directly. This increases customer satisfaction.

At the same time, you improve your availability on the phone, because your service staff have to answer fewer questions on the phone. This means that your employees can do what they are supposed to do: provide good service to your guests. And you benefit from higher sales.

Lower your no-show rate and reduce the workload of your employees!