Automated reservation reminders for your guests

resmio reservation confirmation reminder

With resmio’s restaurant management system you can send an automatic reservation reminder to your guests in advance by e-mail or SMS.

  • Reservation reminder by e-mail containing:
    • All reservation details
    • Reservation number
    • Directions (map)
    • Upload to personal calendar
    • This service is complimentary for all users.
  • Reservation reminder via SMS containing:
    • The name of the restaurant
    • Name of the person who made the reservation
    • Number of persons
    • Date and time
    • Confirmation code

Loss of revenue

Restaurant owners are increasingly worried about the growing unreliability among guests. As any gastronomer can tell, it is particularly upsetting when a table is reserved during peak hours and guests do not show up (no-show). In some restaurants, this loss of potential revenue can be compensated for thanks to a high rate of walk-ins or general popularity, but for many other restaurants, it is damaging to their business as other table reservation inquiries had to be declined.

Reduce No-Shows

In order to automatically remind your guests of their reservation, they will receive a reservation reminder 24 hours in advance by e-mail and/or SMS* in addition to the reservation confirmation. Guests can also save their reservations in their own calendar (e.g. Google Calendar).

In some countries, popular restaurants already start to request credit card information or similar security from the guest when making a reservation and to book a small amount in advance. If the guest arrives at the restaurant at the agreed reservation time, this amount will be credited to the invoice. If he or she does not appear, the amount will be retained as a no-show fee.

Guaranteed online reservations?

Should restaurants introduce a reservation guarantee, as is common in hotels or car rental companies? resmio has been conducting customers surveys on this topic for some time now in order to find out if restaurateurs would like to have this feature. A reservation fee in advance can help reduce or even avoid no-shows. On the contrary, when this practice is not yet widely applied, it can act as a deterrent and lead to fewer reservations.

We believe it is only a question of proper communication. If guests are informed in advance why there is such a fee, they will quickly accept the practice in restaurants as well. resmio is now introducing the feature to its system and we would appreciate when you share your experiences with us.

*The chargeable SMS service can optionally be booked as an add-on to the Premium rate.