Reservation notifaction via SMS

  • SMS for staff and guests
  • More overview, fewer no-shows
  • Better capacity planning

Our short message service – your advantages

As a restaurant proprietor you want to keep check of all reservations at all times, even when out and about, and utilize the full potential of your restaurant occupancy. resmio’s SMS service will assist you in this respect so that you are constantly notified of newly entered reservations. In addition to this you can also automatically send your guests a reservation confirmation and reminder beforehand via SMS.

SMS for your guests
Your guests receive a reservation confirmation via SMS with all important reservation details. The reservation reminder ensures that your restaurant visitors take advantage of their reservations more reliably or cancel in time.
SMS for your team
You are notified immediately if a new reservation is entered. In this way you keep track of all your reservations. Double bookings and reservation clashes are avoided this way.
Optimal restaurant occupancy
With a better overview, the occupancy and your resource and staff planning can be optimized.

Get more guests in your restaurant today

More transparency in restaurant management

Reservation clashes, no-shows and times with nothing to do are a thing of the past. You and your team will always be informed of all reservations. At the same time both guest management and the way your staff work will become more transparent and structured. Both the SMS service for waiters and the SMS service for guests can be booked easily on the resmio Web app as an add-on.

reservation reminder

All reservation notifications via SMS

After an online reservation has come in, resmio automatically sends a reservation confirmation via SMS with all reservation details. At the same time you as the proprietor or someone from your team receives an SMS as soon as a new booking arrives. In this way you never forget a reservation and have your daily business under perfect control.

Fewer no-shows and increased turnover

No-shows – a universally familiar problem in the restaurant business! Guests reserve a table and then do not turn up. No-shows can be avoided through the resmio reservation reminder. As the SMS is already sent the previous day, your guests have sufficient time to make an early cancellation or they are not in so much danger of forgetting their reservation. With this you will be more flexible in the day-to-day business and can accept reservations or offer the free table to walk-in customers, thus reducing turnover loss and times in your restaurant when there is nothing to do.


Better staff and resource planning

When and wherever you may be, thanks to the SMS notification you stay up-to-date at all times and can coordinate your restaurant capacities and staff deployment at short notice. In future your restaurant staff will easily be able to cope with spontaneous group reservations and cancellations at short notice.

sms notification waiter

The full-service solution for your restaurant management

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