Higher customer satisfaction

According to statistics, 95% of all SMS messages are read. Therefore, no channel is better suited to notify your guests about confirmations and reminders of a reservation or order. You benefit from fewer no-shows and higher customer satisfaction!

Reduce error rate

As soon as a new reservation or order is received for pickup, delivery or at the table, you will be informed immediately by SMS. This way, the service is always aware of all bookings. Mistaken double bookings and reservation overlaps are avoided.

Flexible to use

Only send reservation reminders via SMS? You are in charge of which individual SMS notifications your guests and staff should receive and gain full cost control via the budget limit.

sms erinnerung aufs mobiltelefon

Optimize your service and reduce no-shows with SMS notifications

Guests forgetting their table reservations or calling you for a booking confirmation costs you time and money. Our automated SMS notification service helps you keep your expenses as low as possible. Because guests are more likely to read their SMS than emails, you reduce your no-show rate considerably. At the same time, you increase customer satisfaction through the information service that is free of charge for the guest.

Your benefits of the SMS service from resmio


High delivery rate – your guests do not need a (mobile) Internet connection to receive text messages.


Less call offs for booking confirmations will result in better phone availability for new booking requests.


Cost savings in your restaurant because guests are more likely to notice their booking or at least cancel early due to the SMS reminders.


Time savings in day-to-day business and better restaurant utilization because your no-show rate drops.

sms notification by resmio

Less idle time, better utilization

With appointment reminders via SMS to a more efficient booking management

Do you still assign service staff to follow up with guests on the phone to confirm reservations? That’s neither a pleasure nor does it increase sales. After all, your staff is then not available for selling on the floor. With confirmation and reminder SMS, you can save this effort in the future and invest the human resources in more meaningful activities. Idle times caused by missing cancellations will be noticeably reduced and your restaurant utilization will be improved.

This is how the SMS service from resmio works

After an online booking or order is received in your account, resmio automatically sends a confirmation SMS to the guest. At the same time, you as the owner (or someone from the team) will receive an SMS on a defined phone number. This way you will not lose track of new table reservations or orders. You decide yourself which message types should be sent!

SMS notifications how it works
Reservierungsbestätigung per sms

FAQ on the SMS service

We offer three different types of notifications, each of which you can activate in your resmio account: SMS notifications for waiters (information about reservation processes and about received orders), SMS confirmations for guests (booking and order confirmations) and SMS reminders for guests (notifications sent one day before reservation date).

SMS Montage

Start sending SMS notifications

Text messaging via cell phone is a fast and effective way to notify your guests about their pending reservation or order.

Simultaneously, SMS notification keeps you and your team up to date at all times. This way you can organize your restaurant capacities in an optimal way.

Your short message service via resmio can be customized for your needs. By setting yourself a budget limit, you can keep your expenses manageable.

Take advantage of automated SMS notifications sent to guests and employees today!