Guest management system for the analysis of your performance

  • Gain and manage visitor data
  • Personalize marketing campaigns
  • Create sustainable guest relationships

Your advantages with our guest management system

The satisfaction of your guests is one of the most important components of a successful restaurant business. Service quality and customer orientation take priority for this reason. Updating of guest information and online reservations takes place automatically in your guest management system. Reservations by phone, walk-ins and serial reservations can also be added manually in the restaurant software – all reservations and guest data at a glance!

Optimize service quality
With a guest database your service staff can take individual wishes of your restaurant visitors into account, make notes and recognize whether reservations are from new or returning guests.
Improve customer retention
With the aid of our guest management system you systematically establish knowledge about your guests and can implement marketing measures and promotion campaigns in a targeted way.
Reliable analysis tool
Don't just trust your gut feeling but let the facts speak for themselves: with the resmio CRM system, data and information on guests and reservations can be analysed and segmented into different guest groups.

Get more guests in your restaurant today

Why the resmio guest management system?

The resmio guest management system provides you with structured guest management and a systematic way of working, so that retention of regular guests, increased visitor frequency and regaining customers are easy to realise. So draw guest information together and manage and utilize it in a targeted way to offer a personally tailored service.

Guestmanagement WebApp

Maintenance of guest data

resmio allows precise guest data maintenance for you and your team. This includes contact information, reservation information, special requirements and wishes which can be kept separately by means of memos. On personal contact with guests your service staff will be able to address the individual and personal requirements of every restaurant visitor.

A database allows, for example, the consideration of special food requirements, allergies, or birthdays. In this way you optimize your restaurant service and offer an all-round pleasant stay – a positive restaurant experience for your guests.

Develop guest loyalty

The guest management tool helps you to address your guest in a personalized way in that collected guest data is processed and linked in a targeted way to marketing campaigns. In this way you can filter guests and send mails and newsletters to precise target groups or implement other marketing channels.

Inform your regular guests and new guests about special discount campaigns, restaurant innovations or the seasonal menu and surpass all expectations of your restaurant visitors with individualized promotion campaigns. In this way you retain your guests long-term and create loyal regular guests.


Create a facts base, draw conclusions from this

How many reservations and guests do you have on average? How frequently do your guests return? Can certain groups of guests be identified? The resmio guest management system automatically sets up overviews, dividing guests into segments according to factors such as popular reservation times, no-shows and guest reviews.

You can export these, set up reports on your guests’ behaviour and their personal preferences with regard to food and drinks, or determine popular times of visits. You gain facts that show optimization potentials for your restaurant. From this knowledge you can then derive ideas for your staff and resource planning as well as for your menu.


The full-service solution for your restaurant management

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