Your Guest Management Tool –
value added guest data

Manage a central guest database and learn more about your customers. Use the knowledge to optimize your service quality.

Restaurant Guest Managment Tool
All guest data in one system

Your guest database keeps growing as each (“online”) booking is made. Smart features such as real-time search and filters make it easy to keep track of your guests. This saves time and hassle on a day-to-day basis!

Improved service

The guest management tool enables your service staff make better use of the individual characteristics and wishes of your customers, store notes and recognize whether reservations are for new or returning guests.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Using a neat guest management system, you develop systematic knowledge about your guests and can use the contact data for targeted marketing and customer loyalty measures after prior consent.

regular guest management

Get to understand and embrace the value of your guests with the guest management system

Do you know the true value of your guests? You may recognize your regular customers, but can you claim the same for your service staff? Our easy-to-use guest management system helps all employees separate new customers from regulars and warns of unwelcome no-shows. Thanks to integration with the online reservation tool and convenient management features, your database will naturally grow along with your guests. At the same time, you are able to determine the value of your guests through the number of bookings, orders and sales.

Useful features for optimized guest management


Easy adding / adjusting / supplementing of guest or contact data both via the guest database and directly when creating new reservations and walk-ins.


Extensive filter options (according to regular customers, guests who have been absent for a longer period of time, no-shows, etc.) help you to identify specific customer groups.


Use your guest information for email newsletter marketing of your offers or for win-back (including guests whose visit was 30 days ago).


Import contact data into resmio’s guest management system with just a few mouse clicks. Your guest data remains in your control.


Keep an eye on regular guests and no-shows via your booking overview to provide better service or to ban unwelcome guests from booking online.


Working with custom guest tags helps you organize your customer contacts into their own groups (e.g. your regular visitors).

Customer care made easy

The guest management system by resmio

The guest management tool enables organized customer management and systematized operations, making it easy to build customer loyalty, increase visit frequency, and win back your guests. Aggregate, manage and leverage targeted guest information to deliver personalized service.

Managing your guest data with resmio is convenient and time-saving

resmio allows you to manage and update your guest data in the blink of an eye via the guest management tool. The contact details of your guests automatically are saved together with the online booking in the digital reservation book and the well-organized guest database. Changes or updates can be made with just a few clicks.

guest details
Guest search

No more losing contact data!

resmio’s convenient guest management system makes it easy to search for specific guests by name, email address or phone number. You can also go into the detailed analysis and view matching reservations, orders or voucher purchases for your contact.

Guest tags and filters

Guests can be grouped with tags (e.g. food preferences or allergies) to make it easier to find them later. Comprehensive filter settings also help you identify specific customer groups, such as regulars, guests with positive/negative feedback, and no-shows.

Guest Filters and Tags

Long-lasting customer relationships are the key

Guests are becoming more demanding. They often choose their restaurant for their next visit based on where they feel personally addressed and appreciated.

With our guest management tool, you are able to contact your guests in a personalized way. For example, with just a few mouse clicks you can identify all those customers who haven’t visited your restaurant for a while and then reactivate this group with marketing tools such as the e-mail newsletter.

Keep your (regular) guests up to date on special discount offers, restaurant news or the seasonal menu. Exceed their expectations with individualized promotions. In this way, you can build long-term loyalty to your restaurant and create a loyal customer base – the foundation for sustainable business.

Get value from your guest data, build long-term customer relationships!