Digital Check-in solution for Restaurants

Collect relevant guest data easily and conveniently via self-check-in through QR Code. All submitted data is safely stored  in your database.

Scan QR Code

For the restaurant visit the guest scans a QR code with his personal smartphone.

Enter contact data

Once the QR code is scanned, a form for check-in is opened. The guest fills in all data required for the registration process, checking-in and checking-out when leaving.

Take a seat

All data will be automatically transferred to your database and kept there for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Contactless check-in for restaurant guests

The reopening of restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic is conditional, among other things, on the collection of guest contact data. In addition to the documentation obligation, restaurateurs are responsible for ensuring that the processing of the collected guest data is done in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

Play it safe with digital guest registration solution provided by resmio. All contact data stored centrally in your resmio account is kept until the legal retention period expires and is then automatically deleted. At the same time, the check-in process for your guests is as simple as scanning a QR code with their personal smartphone – for a smooth process from submitting the form at the entrance to check-out when leaving.

Contactless guest transfer
Put an end to paperwork: Digital guest registration does away with paper chaos and is therefore more convenient, more efficient and, above all, more secure. With resmio, all your guests have to do is scan a QR code and, after entering their contact details, conveniently check in and check out again later!
Comply with data protection rules
All collected contact data will be stored in your secure database on servers within the EU exclusively for as long as required by data protection law and will be automatically deleted after the expiration of the period.
Fulfill documentation obligation
If the relevant authorities (usually your local health department) ask for contact details, you can easily export them from your system for a particular day of the week and pass them on to the institutions in a timely manner.

Simplify your check-in process and provide guests of your restaurant a contactless and easy solution
– no app download required & 100% free of charge

Corona guest registration online via QR code
– the efficient solution for restaurants

One precautionary measure in the fight against the COVID pandemic is mandatory guest registration and associated documentation requirements. Open guest lists kept on paper, which can be viewed by the public, did not prove successful during the first COVID wave, as they were inefficient and problematic for data protection reasons.

resmio has therefore developed a reliable, free alternative in the form of digital guest registration via QR code, which significantly simplifies contact data collection and supports you in responding to official inquiries. You save administrative effort and also protect your employees and guests with the contactless self-check-in via smartphone.

Easy to use service for your guests

The digital check-in process is child’s play for your guests with resmio. Using a smartphone brought along, the guest scans a QR code without prior app installation and then enters all required contact data in the online form.

A convenient reminder feature (optional) with automatic pre-filling of all fields helps speed up guest registration on the next visit. This creates a positive customer experience and ensures an even smoother throughput.

Guest data collection more transparent and efficient than ever

The documentation obligation requires additional effort. With digital guest registration via resmio, you significantly reduce your effort. That’s because you no longer have to deal with paper guest lists and your customers’ contact data is now automatically stored in your legally compliant database, you ultimately gain more time for better service.

  • The clearly arranged dashboard provides a quick overview of all registered guests, including check-in and check-out times.
  • Export contact information as a .csv file and share it with, for example, the health department upon regulatory request.
  • All stored customer data will be automatically removed from your system after the legal retention period has expired.

Free of charge & universally applicable:
online guest registration via resmio

In addition to restaurants, bars and cafés, contactless check-in solution from resmio is also suitable for many other industries such as hairdressers, beauty salons, retail stores, theaters, gyms and even offices. Because the online form for registering guests is available in 11 languages, the system remains comprehensible even across national borders. To get started, all you need is a free resmio account, which you can access from any device with an Internet connection. There is no need to download any software.

QR-Code based contactless menu – safely through the COVID19 pandemic

With resmio you are able to digitize your menu and offer contactless ordering. With a QR code that your guests scan with their smartphone. Without cumbersome app installation, they have your digital menu immediately in front of their eyes and can order their desired dishes contactless and secure at the table.

Kontaktlose digitale Speisekarte von resmio

Benefits and functions of the online guest check-in

  • Contact data can be entered via QR code and smartphone, no app download required
  • Self-check-in and check-out option (automatic check-out 3 hours after visit)
  • Optional reminder function for guests (automatic filling out of the form for revisits)
  • Quick overview of all guest registrations on any day of the week
  • Individual adjustments and export of the QR code as a graphic file possible (e.g. for a poster)
  • Export of contact data (.csv file) for submission to authorities possible for any time period
  • All contact data in the database are automatically deleted after the statutory retention period has expired
  • Free service, no need to enter payment details

Now make guest registration online more efficient than ever before!

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