Your digital reservation book

Get your reservation book online and save yourself the hassle of paperwork. Automatize the process of receiving bookings and gain more time for your guests.

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24/7 availability

Our reservation tool can be embedded on your website, on Facebook and on partner sites like Google My Business. This allows your guests to book a table with you online 24/7 – anytime and anywhere.

Time saving

Table reservations made by your guests via the integrated reservation tool automatically appear in your digital reservation book. Reservation details are available to the entire staff – so everyone is always up to date on the restaurant’s capacity!

Flexible reservation management

Whether for phone reservations, bookings via e-mail or spontaneous walk-ins, the digital reservation book is the ideal solution. Our system is aware of your capacities and suggests available tables to match every situation. Overbooking is a thing of the past!

Digital reservation book for restaurants by resmio

Your advantages with the digital reservation book

The digital reservation book is a powerful tool for day-to-day business and ensures a well-organized workflow in the restaurant business. We provide you with a strong instrument for reservation management, which makes efficient staff, table and resource planning possible!

Table Reservation Tool for Website, Google & more included

Increase bookings in your restaurant with the handy table reservation tool, ready to be embedded on your website, Google, and more within minutes.

Features of your online reservation book

booking weekly view

Convenient and up-to-date overview of all your reservations of the day / week, optionally also for individual rooms.

booking status bar

Confirmed, placed at the table, served ready: Use the status bar to keep track of your reservations.

Booking capacity

Monitor and manage your capacity in real time, place guests ahead of time at your available tables.

booking settings

Do you want to confirm booking requests automatically or by hand? Set up booking intervals, peak time limits and more.

print mode bookings

Individual printing of the reservation overview: Use filters to control which fields you want to print – and which not.

Reply to guest's booking

Improve customer loyalty: Respond to table booking notes and requests right from your digital reservation book.

Save time & manpower

Digital reservation book for more clarity in daily restaurant routine

Letting go of the classic hardcopy reservation book is a challenge that not all restaurant owners find easy. That’s why we’ve developed an easy-to-use software interface for your digital reservation book.

Your reservation overview gives you an insight into all incoming reservations, cancellations and updates at any time. Important reservation details can be viewed with just a few clicks of the mouse and added at will – without any messy paperwork.

List view with all details

Table Reservation Overview provided by resmio

Clear timeline view

The timeline view in the digital reservation book keeps your staff up to date with a graphical view of the current occupancy. So that gaps in the occupancy of your rooms will never be missed again.

Move bookings simply and flexibly by drag & drop between tables and rooms according to availability.


Individual setup

Our friendly customer success service provides you with individual support in setting up your online reservation book, answers open questions and gives practical tips. Free of charge, of course.


new_releasesYour mobile reservation book

Manage occupancy, reservations and walk-ins conveniently via smartphone – with the resmio app for iOS and Google Android you always have your digital reservation book with you!

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Get more reservations for your restaurant

The resmio reservation tool ensures that you are constantly available. Whether on days off, during peak hours or outside opening hours, you and your staff will be independent of the situation that bookings can only be accepted or cancelled in person or by phone.

Thanks to the option to make reservations online via the reservation widget, your restaurant business will generate additional bookings and have more guests. In short: less effort, more guests, higher sales.

The reservation tool for your homepage

Our reservation tool or widget is integrated directly on your restaurant’s website, on Facebook and on our partner sites.

This way, visitors to your website and other channels can check real-time availability for the required number of people at the desired time and easily reserve a table online. Try it out for yourself from a guest’s perspective with our test restaurant!

By the way: You can of course manage time, room and table capacities at any time via the digital reservation book.

Manage reservations online and save time – get started now!