Marketing software for your restaurant

  • Positive guest reviews and security
  • Personalized newsletter and mailings
  • New customers due to Google reviews

Your advantages with our marketing software

Your restaurant offers a cosy atmosphere, a top location, delicious dishes and drinks, but the suitable online marketing measures for boosting your restaurant’s image and level of awareness are missing? resmio’s marketing software puts the tools in your hand to address your guests according to target group and reach more potential guests on the Internet.

Increase the reach of your guest reviews
After a guest's visit you can automatically send an email with the request for a review. Show with the digital guest satisfaction seal how satisfied your guests are.
Newsletter tool for better guest retention
Create your own restaurant newsletter in just a few minutes and keep your guests up-to-date via email.
Convince with your guest satisfaction badge
Show how satisfied your guests are by showing the digital guest satisfaction badge on your website.

Get more guests in your restaurant today

Your marketing tool as a sustainable investment

The more you keep in contact with your guests, e.g. via a newsletter or in the form of a reaction to your guest reviews, the more your guests feel appreciated and show more readiness to visit your restaurant again. Through good (Google) reviews your restaurant will have a better reputation and attract potential guests.

Google Rezensionen

Automatic forwarding to your Google reviews

Those who rely on a regular customers and a good reputation not only care for the restaurant experience, but also know the importance of Google reviews: from the restaurant selection on Google search to the guest feedback after the restaurant visit, Google reviews play a key role in acquiring new customers and customer loyality. With resmio you automatically send an email including a Google Review forwarding to your guests after their visit, so they can share directly their experiences online.

Announce news via email marketing

For your restaurant business it is essential to develop a good and lasting relationship to your guests. resmio’s marketing add-on with the integrated newsletter tool helps you here to keep your guests up-to date at all times. The newsletter editor is compatible with the guest data base, which enables you to send personalized newsletters.

Use our email marketing tool and announce special campaigns, events and new dishes on your menu. By means of our newsletter tool you can send mails both manually and automatically and edit them freely. Design contents, add your logo and photos, link your website and menu. Use one of our templates or design your newsletter in your restaurant’s style and create a recognition factor in this way.


Increase Internet presence with guest reviews

Make use of your guests’ valuable experiences to create a good public image of your restaurant business. Positive guest reviews are good for your image through their credibility and are a promising marketing method for your restaurant. After your guests’ restaurant visit, resmio sends an email with the request for a review.

resmio calculates a satisfaction value on the basis of this feedback. This is depicted as an assessment widget on your website. In addition to this, the emails include forwarding to the Google assessment page where your guests can also share their restaurant experience online. Increase your awareness level through more Google assessments.


Reach and convince new target groups

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