Increased visibility

Automated feedback emails help you gather restaurant recommendations from guests who have actually visited your business. The recommendations ultimately help you increase the online visibility of your restaurant and attract new customers.

Improved guest loyalty

Send individual promotions to your regular guests via e-mail newsletters. Building up a list of recipients is easy: You automatically acquire new prospects for your restaurant mailings via resmio’s online reservation form.

Referral marketing

Your guests love the food and service in your restaurant? Well, show that! Promote your restaurant with a seal of guest satisfaction on your website and convince undecided people to visit your restaurant.

Your benefits with our marketing software

A highly volatile table occupancy rate is one reason why many restaurants fail. Online marketing helps you to reach new guests and to bind them to your restaurant. With resmio’s smart marketing software, you can build a valuable guest list for effective marketing campaigns. Exclusive promotions sent via e-mail newsletters encourage guests to visit your restaurant again. This way you can fill your tables in otherwise low occupancy times.

Attracting new customers is more expensive than keeping regulars!

Our marketing tool for sustainable customer loyalty

The fact that regular guests are one of the most important customer groups is really nothing new. But targeting those very guests presents challenges for many restaurant owners. resmio puts relevant marketing tools in your hands, from contact acquisition to feedback management for – and without platform interests. Your guest data stays with you.

Growing Subscriber List

Build a strong guest database!

When guests book a table with you via the online reservation tool, they can also be added to your email mailing list for exclusive special deals. That way, your list of recipients for promotional content grows all by itself.

Once customers have confirmed their e-mail address, they are verified as recipients of the e-mail newsletter – which means that you are acting in compliance with privacy policy. Moreover, you ensure that guests are actually interested in your restaurant. This is what makes your own guest list so valuable. We do not use your data for commercial purposes!

Real reviews in your Google profile
– without any extra effort!

For many people, the restaurant profile on Google is the first place they go to find out about a restaurant. Few or tedentially negative reviews are often a reason to rule out a visit.

This is where resmio comes in: After visiting, the guest automatically receives an e-mail with a request for a customer review. A single click takes the guest to Google’s review page, where s/he can conveniently share her/his experience online. This also ensures that verified reviews are submitted.



Content of automated guest emails customizable via resmio.

Gather Google Recommondations for your restaurant

Targeting guests via email marketing

Customer loyalty is the key. The email newsletter software built into resmio helps you target your guests with your marketing campaigns. Use our newsletter marketing tool to announce special promotions, events and new dishes on your menu. You can send the newsletter by hand or automatically. Choose from the contact list, for eg, those guests whose visit was more than 30 days ago.


Newsletter Editor

Email templates customizable to include logo, texts, images and buttons for recognition value.


Increase presence on the Internet with guest reviews

Make use of the valuable experiences of your guests to create a good image of your restaurant business. Positive guest reviews are image-enhancing due to their credibility and a promising marketing method for your restaurant. After the restaurant visit of your guests, resmio sends an email with the request for an online rating.

Based on these feedbacks resmio calculates a satisfaction value. This is displayed in the form of a rating widget on your website. You increase your brand awareness through more positive ratings.

Start today with resmio’s marketing software and attract guests online!

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