Email Marketing Tool for restaurants

Earn customer reviews and attract new guests to your restaurant. Activate your regular guests for revisiting via email newsletter.

Marketing Tool for Restaurants
Easily build guest list

Building your guest list is easy: resmio’s online booking and ordering widget automatically leads to new prospects for your restaurant mailings.

Guest reactivation

Quickly send personalized email newsletters to guests who have been absent for a long time, incentivizing them to visit your restaurant again!

Stronger customer loyalty

Share exciting updates and special promotions with your regular guests to increase their loyalty to your restaurant.

6 out of 10 consumers are influenced by emails in their purchase decision. Nearly half cite email as their favorite channel for business communication. Use the potential for your restaurant now!

Newsletter Marketing

Your benefits with our email marketing software

A highly volatile table utilization rate is one reason why many restaurants fail. Regular guests can help to bridge periods of low occupancy. After all, they have gotten to know and appreciate your restaurant – all you have to do is encourage them to visit again! This is where resmio’s powerful email marketing tool comes in. Specially developed for the needs of the restaurant industry, we enable you to set up attractive email campaigns that work with guests with just a few clicks.

How to use newsletter marketing for your restaurant


Reward new users with welcome messages and strengthen customer loyalty.


Share your new menu directly with your regulars to drive them to your restaurant.


Send automated reminder emails with an incentive (e.g. coupon) to guests who have not visited your restaurant for a long time.


Encourage guests who have already reserved, ordered or purchased vouchers to visit you again.

Attracting new customers is more expensive than keeping regulars!

Our email marketing tool for sustainable customer loyalty

The fact that regular guests are one of the most important customer groups is really nothing new.

But targeting those very guests presents challenges for many restaurant owners.

resmio puts relevant marketing tools in your hands, from contact acquisition to feedback management for – and without platform interests. Your guest data stays with you.

Get newsletter subscribers via the resmio reservation widget

Build a strong guest database!

Whenever guests book a table or order from the digital menu via resmio, they can subscribe to your email list. This is done automatically – so your contact list grows all by itself!

And it’s also compliant with data protection laws, because the contact is only verified after confirming the e-mail address for newsletter subscription. You also ensure that guests are actually interested in your content.


Remain independent

The contact data belongs exclusively to you! We do not deal with your guest data!


Email newsletter form for the website

In addition, you have the option of embedding a GDPR-compliant email newsletter form on your website. The sign-up form can be customized to match the look and feel of your brand.

Combining the registration form with an offer such as a welcome gift will allow your contact list to grow even further.

Your sign up form

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Targeting guests via email marketing

Why complicate things when they can be simple? Our email newsletter software is designed to be accessible to everyone: select your campaign goal and target group, add a subject, and you’re ready to go with your email template!



Customizable email templates (logo, texts, images and buttons) increase brand awareness. Personalize your emails with guest names for customer loyalty.

Campaign goals for email newsletters
Call-to-Action Newsletter

Not only inform, but sell too!

Email newsletters have an influence on purchasing decisions! Depending on the study, up to 60% of respondents claim to have bought a product or used a service after an advertising email.

resmio makes active marketing child’s play. Through the smart integration with our booking and ordering features as well as the ticket system, you will be able to steer guests towards a specific action!

Sales tools included

Tie your mailings to table bookings, online orders, and ticket or voucher purchases.

Engage with your guests using email marketing

It’ s risky to rely exclusively on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, for restaurant marketing. This is because you can only reach a fraction of your guests via these ad-funded services without a budget.

When competing for audience awareness, isn’t it smarter to reach out to your guests in person? Email marketing and personalized newsletter campaigns do just that! Your guest data is the foundation for personalized communication. With tailor-made deals, you can keep regulars loyal to your venue.

Start email marketing today and reactivate your guests!