Your guest review manager

Almost every restaurant owner will have gained experience with guest reviews on the Internet today. Both good and bad. Not always fair. What if you could take the helm into your own hands?

  • Decide for yourself which guest comments are visible online
  • Guests automatically receive an e-mail after their visit
  • The rating badget easily integrates into any website
  • Publicize received reviews e.g. on your Facebook page
  • Guests giving negative feedback can be contacted immediately
  • Utilize negative private reviews to optimize the service at your restaurant

The restaurant rating

“Rate us on Google” – fewer and fewer restaurateurs dare to post this invitation today. The fear is all too great that the well-intentioned invitation will be misused. The news are full of stories, where some cheeky guests ask for free services in return for a good – or better – public review of the restaurant.

Staying in control by managing guest reviews

In some cases, a negative review might as well be legitimate. When things go wrong during a restaurant visit, some guests may have the urge to vent off online. By using resmio, you can ask guests for their opinion right after they leave. When activated, the request for a review is sent out automatically by email.

A link inside the email will take your guests to a private resmio page where they can rate and comment on their experience. Once complete, users of resmio Premium will be notified thereafter and will be able to review the feedback. If desired, the review can be shared online on your restaurant’s website or e.g. Facebook page.