Your manager for guest reviews

  • Receive authentic feedback from your guests
  • Optimize your restaurant’s website
  • Improve service quality thanks to reviews

Your manager for guest reviews – your advantages

If you receive no guest reviews or they are only partly positive, your restaurant business will suffer in the long run from image loss and decreasing numbers of restaurant visitors. And yet good guest reviews play an essential role in this branch. In this case a request for a positive review helps. resmio takes over this process automatically and enables you to manage the publication of feedback yourself.

Good reviews without effort
After their restaurant visit guests automatically receive an email with the request for a review.
The more positive comments that come from your guests the more reservations and visitors your restaurant will have.
Discover improvement potentials
Constructive criticism from your guests gives you ideas and suggestions for optimizing the service quality of your restaurant.

Get more guests in your restaurant today

Your guest feedback under control at all times

A good reputation is optimal for your restaurant marketing. Your guests are enthusiastic about the service quality and food in your restaurant? Utilize the valuable experiences of your restaurant visitors for an authentic and positive public image of your restaurant.

Leave a feedback

Increase relevant guest reviews

As soon as you have activated the function for guest reviews, your guests receive an email after their visit. Via a link in the email they can directly review their restaurant experience and make comments. In addition to this resmio offers the option of deciding which reviews should be made public. In this way you prevent reviews which damage your restaurant’s reputation or are unfair to the staff.

Multiplication effect through guest reviews

As many guests orientate themselves on online reviews when looking for a new restaurant, your restaurant will also profit from a large number of positive reviews. Authentic guest reviews influence your restaurant’s image in a positive sense, which leads to more online reservations. As a logical consequence your restaurant will be able to reckon with more new guests and achieve higher profits.

Feedback webapp

More guest satisfaction through guest opinions

resmio calculates a satisfaction value based on all your guest reviews; you can publicize this on your website and if desired in our partner network e.g. on Google My Business. Above all, through Google reviews you optimize your restaurant’s Internet presence. Guest reviews are a tried and tested source of identifying improvement possibilities and deficiencies in the restaurant business. By reacting appreciatively to negative reviews and taking their points of criticism into consideration you can transform dissatisfied guests into those who recommend you. Restaurant visitors feel valued through an appreciative reaction, and if they were dissatisfied perhaps they will let themselves be convinced anew of your restaurant.


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