Guest feedback and reputation management

Guests are often convinced by reviews when choosing a restaurant and reserve a table. Encourage your guests to rate your restaurant and share their feedback on service and quality of dining.

Manage guest feedback and reviews with resmio
More reviews without effort

Guests receive an e-mail after their stay at the restaurant and are invited to submit a restaurant recommendation.

Image boosting

An increase in the number of favorable reviews of your restaurant will lead to an increase in the number of bookings and guests.

Identify opportunities for improvement

Your guests’ feedback helps you to improve the quality of your restaurant’s service.

Guest Feedback Reminder Mail

Get more recommendations automatically –
your guest feedback manager supports you!

In the lack of or negative guest reviews, your restaurant business will suffer in the long run from a decrease in guests and thus sales. To help you with the time-consuming process of asking for reviews, we have developed the Guest Feedback Manager. resmio automates the process of getting customer reviews and allows you to manage the publication of feedback yourself via our in-house feedback tool.

Improve your reputation!

Your guest feedback under control at any time

Use the valuable recommendations of your guests for an authentic and positive image of your restaurant. With resmio you are not only able to collect feedback automatically. You can present restaurant ratings for your service and cuisine on your homepage using our intuitive feedback widget.


Satisfaction score

resmio calculates a satisfaction score based on all your guest reviews, which you can publish on your website.

Increase relevant guest reviews

As soon as you have activated guest feedback feature, your customers will automatically receive an email after their visit. Using a link in the email, they can rate their dining experience right away and also leave a comment. You decide which reviews are visible on your homepage. By doing so, you prevent ratings that are bad for your reputation or unfair to your staff.

Gather Google Recommondations for your restaurant

Automatically collect Google reviews

For many people, the restaurant profile on Google is the first place they go to find out about a restaurant. Few or tedentially negative reviews are often a reason to rule out a visit.

This is where resmio comes in: After visiting, the guest automatically receives an e-mail with a request for a customer review. A single click takes the guest to Google’s review page, where s/he can conveniently share her/his experience online. This also ensures that verified reviews are submitted.



Content of automated guest emails customizable via resmio.

Multiplier effect by using guest reviews

Since a lot of potential guests use online reviews as a reference when choosing a new restaurant, your business will benefit if it has a large number of positive ratings. Authentic guest reviews have a positive influence on the reputation of your restaurant, which leads to more online bookings. As a result, your venue will be able to count on more new guests and achieve higher sales.


Higher guest satisfaction through feedback from customers

Guest feedback is a proven source for identifying areas for improvement and flaws in the dining business. Transform disappointed guests into those who will recommend you to their friends by recognizing negative reviews and taking their criticisms into account. This makes unhappy customers feel valued, and they may be convinced to return.

Get more recommendations for your restaurant – with the guest feedback manager!