Additional revenue

With take-out service, you can open up a new revenue channel! Allow guests to order food and beverages online for pickup and delivery, and pay safely via debit, credit card, and Paypal. Whenever your capacity allows it.

Time saving and efficient

Why occupy the phone to take orders when it can be done more easily? Online orders are automatically added to your reservation system. Your staff is notified immediately which order/delivery is open and can start working on it right away.

Flexible pricing model

Our promise: Creating and publishing a digital menu does not cost you a penny. You get more attention for your business free of charge. With the order feature, you can choose between a commission model or book an order flat rate for a monthly fee.

The digital ordering system for your restaurant delivery service

The delivery business in the restaurant industry is growing: More and more guests order food to their homes on a frequent schedule. Launch your own restaurant delivery service, attract new groups of guests and boost your sales – resmio supports you in setting up a delivery business with an easy-to-access online ordering system! Using the digital menu with integrated ordering feature, your guests order dishes from you for pick-up and delivery. Choose when and where you want to deliver via the simple user interface.

All major payment methods already integrated

Features of our online ordering system
for the gastronomy industry


Delivery areas, minimum order value and delivery fee individually configurable


Automatic notification of new orders received, optional receipt printing (hardware sold separately)


Activate / deactivate orders with one click (e.g. during peak hours), when the workload allows it


Delivery and lead times for orders can be customized (weekdays, times)


Guests can order dishes for delivery online and pay conveniently right away (cash, debit, credit card, PayPal).


Opportunity for guests to tip when ordering online (optional)

Remain independent!

The ordering system with delivery functionality – real added value for you & your guests

Attract more guests, achieve higher profits: With resmio’s online ordering system, you are able to offer your guests a comfortable and rewarding takeaway and delivery service for your catering business. You can set up the ordering solution according to your actual workload. At the same time, you retain your independence by keeping control over guest data.


Start the online delivery service for your restaurant!

Allow your guests to browse your menu online, order and pay for the dishes they want right away for pickup and delivery.

Your own delivery service is set up in just a few steps with the electronic ordering system for your catering business: Create the digital menu via the easy-to-use user interface, activate the built-in ordering feature, specify delivery conditions, and embed the menu on your restaurant website and all relevant online channels – that’s it!

Google Food Ordering included

We activate your restaurant free of charge for online orders directly via Google.

Ordering Dashboard of resmio

Centrally manage order service

All online orders are processed centralized in your resmio reservation and management system. In addition, automatic notifications, with audio alert if desired, inform you about newly placed orders. This way, your staff always has a clear oversight and can handle the food orders one after the other.

An ordering system that suits you

Every business is different. That’s why you can configure the delivery service for your customers via resmio as individually as your workload and resources actually allow. Starting with delivery times for individual days of the week and specific delivery areas, through the tipping acceptance to the accepted payment methods, you have relevant settings in your own hands.

setup delivery areas and fees with resmio
orders view

Customizable for your delivery service

Building a successful delivery service requires flexibility. Being able to learn from past experiences and respond to events in an agile way. That’s why you can activate and deactivate the delivery service (e.g. during peak times or lulls) with just a few clicks. Just as you need it.

Exclude specific dishes from online orders, define lead times and the minimum order value for the delivery service as it is best for the success of your restaurant.

Customer Care

Sell your services, but not your customers!

Traditional food delivery networks are appealing because of their massive reach, but they put your restaurant in a shark tank with many delivery services competing directly with each other.

By building your own independent delivery service for your café, restaurant or snack bar, you retain control of the customer business.

Using resmio, your guest data remains in your hands. This enables you to build up a database of loyal customers who continuously drive sales and allow you to plan your expenses. On top of that, you get an ordering system with an integrated delivery feature that is exclusively dedicated to your restaurant offerings.

Deliver food, generate sales: Enable the ordering system with delivery capability now!