Table Ordering System for Restaurants

Enable self-ordering in your restaurant. Let your guests order and pay contactless via smartphone at the table.

Table Ordering System for Restaurants and Gastronomy
Happy guests

Scan the QR code with your smartphone, select your desired dishes from the digital menu and pay online right at the table: The easy and smooth ordering experience provides a magical dining experience that your guests will remember. And satisfied guests like to come back!

Relief for staff

Streamlined service from ordering to payment: Self-ordering by the guest at the table makes a better flow in your restaurant possible! Your guests don’t have to wait for service staff to order food and drinks or to pay the bill. This relieves your team and frees up time for other tasks.

Easy and safe

From the selection of dishes through the digital menu to placing an order, the entire process is simple and intuitive. At the same time, the integration of our ordering system with proven payment service providers ensures that payment via SEPA direct debit, credit card and PayPal is secure.

Staff relief

Contactless menu with integrated table ordering system

Due to staff shortages, restaurant owners can rely on fewer and fewer service staff. At peak times, small service tasks such as taking orders and cashing up quickly lead to stress and overwork. The quality of service suffers as a result.

Ordering at the table of a restaurant

The contactless digital menu including the table ordering system from resmio allows your guests to place orders conveniently from their seats in the restaurant and pay for them directly – without physical contact to your staff and securely via their own smartphone.

Less service effort for taking orders means shorter waiting times for the guest – and therefore more satisfied customers!

All major payment methods already integrated
Zahlungsmethoden für Gäste unserer Restaurants zur Anbindung mit resmio

The table ordering system at a glance


Order and pay for dishes via smartphone, no app download required


Automatic notification of new orders received


Activate table orders based on self-defined days of the week / times of day


Export the QR code as an image (e.g. for integration in your own table display)


Create an online menu with products, categories, images, prices and extras, etc.


Add detailed information such as allergens and additives. Exclude individual dishes / categories.

Self-ordering at the seat

More time, less hassle with QR Code Ordering

It’ s a typical situation at the weekend: Your restaurant is fully occupied, all the service staff are rotating – and guests waiting for their order or bill are becoming increasingly impatient.

Now imagine if your guests could order their food and drinks themselves via a digital menu and pay directly at the same time. Simple, fast and convenient – via smartphone. Sounds great? Then resmio is the right choice for you!

Put an end to waiting times: By enabling QR Code Ordering at the table, you sustainably improve the restaurant experience of your guests, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately also generate more sales.

Creating QR ordering menu – here’s how!

With resmio, your guests can order selected food and drinks conveniently from the table – simply by calling up a QR code (Demo). No need to download an app beforehand! This makes setting up a self-ordering option in your restaurant child’s play.

The entire ordering process is very simple:

Self Ordering in restaurants by using a QR Code

Scan QR Code

Guests scan a QR code at the table with their smartphone to view the digital menu.


Place an order and pay

The intuitive UI allows guests to select their food & beverages and pay for them right away during the ordering experience.


Serve to the table

The order goes directly into resmio with all the details and only needs to be served to the table.


Easy reordering

Your guests can easily reorder or leave without having to rely on the service.

Versatile settings for QR code orders via resmio

Easy to use, full control

With resmio’s intuitive user interface, you can customize everything from the layout of your QR ordering menu to pricing and accepted payment methods – all in a way that’s ideal for your restaurant business.

Because you can define specific days of the week and hours when self-ordering by guests is possible, a wide range of application scenarios are feasible. For instance, in hotels during selected breakfast times. The service is set up and ready to use in just a few minutes – and can be used free of charge without a monthly fee. We only charge a small commission on the total amount for each order placed.


Low-cost entry

We only charge a small commission of 2% of the order value for each QR code order.


Frequently asked questions
and answers on the table ordering system

Some basic tips:

  • Start with a small menu – you don’t have to digitize your entire menu first!
  • Focus on frequently requested dishes with the highest possible margin, such as beverages.
  • To boost additional sales, add optional extras such as snacks or toppings to your products for an extra charge.
  • Enable payment by card and PayPal.
  • Communicate your table order offer as visibly as possible in your restaurant and proactively through your service staff.

You can flexibly configure table orders via resmio to suit the needs of your restaurant. For example, you can specify the days of the week and times when self-service should be enabled. You can also specify the exact product categories (e.g. only breakfast or only drinks) specifically for QR code orders.

We only charge a small fee of 2% of the order price per QR code order. There are no other (hidden) costs, such as a onetime set-up fee or anything similar. You can use the resmio table ordering system in your restaurant immediately.

Providing self-ordering in the restaurant is not an either/or decision. Your guests can use the table ordering system, but they don’t have to.

It is more important to see it as an extra service and to slowly bring your customers closer to it.

Some guests will use QR code ordering more naturally than other types of guests – in our experience, this is completely common. You have no risk with resmio, because there is no monthly fee for using our table ordering system.

Optimize upselling in the restaurant with table ordering system via self-ordering

Higher average order value with no extra staff required –
using self-ordering at the seat!

The fact that diners can order via the contactless menu at any time and without calling out to the waiter holds great potential for additional sales.

Cafés, for example, can offer matching flavors with their coffee range for an additional charge, such as a shot of caramel with a cappuccino. Bars, on the other hand, serve tasty snacks with cocktails and long drinks. Since the typical “sales pitch” by the waiter is no longer necessary, a casual atmosphere is created for the guest.

The bottom line is that guests often order more via the contactless digital menu. Without any intervention on your part.

Faster service, more sales: Start using table orders for your restaurant now!