Marketing tools for your restaurant ads

Creative advertising in the gastronomy industry has a lot to offer and the best advertising for your restaurant is good reviews. resmio offers you not only the possibility to stay in touch with your guests via newsletter but also a digital guest satisfaction badge showing off your restaurant’s approval rating. You can place the badge prominently on your site to show new potential guests that you care about service and quality.

  • Newsletter tool for restaurants
  • Manual and automated sending
  • Simply copy-paste your content
  • Integrate your own Facebook tracking pixel for conversion measurement
  • Guest satisfaction badge for your website
  • Google review invitation

More restaurant guests with the right advertising

What sounds like a simple marketing formula is not taken for granted in every restaurant. Some restaurants have so many walk-in customers, e.g. tourists, that they can completely do without advertising. For other restaurants, however, it is essential to establish a good long-term relationship with guests.

Thanks to the information stored in your guest database you can use the newsletter tool from resmio to keep your regular guests up to date. This is especially useful when it comes to announcing price changes. After all, you don’t want to negatively surprise loyal guests with a sudden unannounced increase in meal or drink prices.

Also, to stay in touch with guests who come only now and then, a newsletter can be quite practical. Many of our customers use the newsletter tool to send out menu offerings for a festive season or ad-hoc lunch offers. The newsletter can be set for manual or automated sending and is freely editable.

Measure the success of your Facebook campaigns

To see if an advertisement on Facebook has actually led to a successful reservation (conversion), you can now integrate your own Tracking Pixel at resmio:

  1. Log into your resmio account
  2. Click on Settings resmio WebApp | Settings > then on Integration
  3. Add your Facebook Pixel ID and click Save

Show everyone how satisfied your guests are

People are group animals and like to orient themselves to other people. Therefore we have developed a widely popular Guest Satisfaction Badge which perfectly integrates with your restaurant’s website. The badge is automatically updated when a new rating is received.

Guest Reviews on Google

After a guest visit, you can automatically send out an e-mail asking for a review. In this e-mail, the guest is also asked if he/she wants to leave a review on Google. By clicking on a link the guest is forwarded directly to your restaurant’s Google profile where he or she can leave a review.