How does the newsletter editor work?

Create and send individual newsletters to your guests by using our powerful newsletter tool.

You need some help with available customizing options? Take a look at our manual in case you have unsolved questions.

How can I measure reservations through my Facebook Ads campaigns?

To measure the success (conversion) of your Facebook ads and check if they lead to more reservations via your website or Facebook page:

    1. Log in to
    2. Settings” -> “Integration” -> Facebook pixel section
    3. Ente Facebook Pixel ID in the field

You will then see the generated reservations under the “Results” column in your Facebook Ad Manager.

pixel id
Tickets und Gutscheine Übersicht

How do I create tickets for an event, coupons or vouchers?

  1. In your resmio account please click left on the menu item “Tickets & Vouchers”.
  2. Then choose under “Tickets & Vouchers” if you would like to create a ticket for an event, a coupon or a voucher:

Ticket for an Event

  • Go to “Events” und click on “+ Create new event”.
  • On the following window please choose a name for your event (e.g. summer party), add a description (e.g. band, beer garden and grill station) and define terms and conditions. Then please click on “next”.
  • In the next step you can fill in the basic information for your event: date (e.g. 25.04.2020), time (e.g. 18:00), price (e.g. 5 €), total number of tickets (e.g. 50) you want to sell and the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased at once. You can also upload a logo or a picture.
  • Finally please click on “create”.
create event


  • Go to “Coupons” and click on “+ Create new coupon”.
  • A window will open: choose a name for your coupon (e.g. Veggie Week), add a description (e.g. 50% off on all vegan and vegetarian food) and define terms and conditions (e. g. only valid Mo – Fr) and click on “next”.
  • With the next step you can fill in the basic information for your coupon: date of validity (e.g. 01.04.2020 – 31.12.2020), price (e.g. free), total number of coupons (e.g. 450) you want to sell and the maximum number per purchase (e.g. 2). You can also upload a logo or a picture. Then please click on “create”.
create voucher
Edit ticket

After your ticket or coupon has been saved you can choose between “Classic”, “Gold” and “Blue” Design.

Please click on “edit” if you wish to do further changes.


  • Go to “Vouchers” and then click on “Edit vouchers”.
  • Choose the different amounts/values for the vouchers (e.g. 10, 20, 50 and 100 €)
  • Instead of fixed amounts you can allow your guests to select individual value by setting the tick in this field. Please note that you need to define a minimum and maximum amount.
  • Please click on “upload image” if you want to add a logo or a picture.
  • Finally you can choose between “Classic”, “Standard”, “Gold” and “Blue” Layout.
enable voucher

How do guests pay for tickets, coupons and vouchers? What happens in case of invalid payment or failed payment?

The payment is done online: the following methods of payment are accepted: direct debit, Paypal and credit card (Visa or Mastercard and American Express).

The purchase will be cancelled and the client receives an e-mail with the following information:

Your payment was not successful, thus your voucher/ticket is unfortunately not valid. You can try to purchase it again.

How and where can my guests purchase the tickets events, coupons and vouchers and how do they receive them?

  • After you created or activated a ticket for an event, a coupon or a voucher, a link will be generated within your web app. Please copy this link and place it on your website, e.g. with a button or within a separate menu point. Your guests will be redirected to a resmio subdomain then where they are able to buy online.
  • When you create your tickets, coupons and vouchers you also have the possibility to share them directly on your social media channels. Once the customer purchased it, she/he will receive an email with a PDF for download and print.
Link for ticket

What is the difference between events, coupons and vouchers?

  • Tickets are designed for events and special campaigns that take place on a specific date, e. g. concerts, parties, unique discount campaigns on a meal, e.g. a candle light dinner.
  • Coupons are good to promote special campaigns or offers or as vouchers for the whole public, valid for a longer period of time, e.g. two meals for the price of one valid from April, 1st until May, 1st.
  • Vouchers with a specific amount serve as gift vouchers. The guest purchases the voucher for a specific amount. The voucher has no fixed date and no specific period of validity and can be used at any time. The terms and conditions can be defined individually through the description text.
disable ticket

How can I stop the coupon or ticket selling?

  • Select the corresponding ticket then click on > “Edit” and afterwards on > “Disable”. The settings remain the same until you enable the link again.
  • In addition you can also remove the link for ticket purchase from your website