Your guest management system

Service quality means looking at your restaurant through the eyes of the guest. In order to create magic moments, it helps to pay attention to details and to memorize these details for future visits. Unless you have an elephant memory you may want to consider using resmio’s inbuilt database.

  • Simple login via any standard Internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Automatically updates with every incoming online reservation
  • Ideally suited for manual reservations and walk-ins
  • Allows you to create series reservations (e.g. “regulars’ table”)
  • Simple adding of users, user roles and user rights
  • Notification fields containing reservation information (e.g. “birthday”)
  • Prominently placed memo field, e.g. for setup instructions to personnel
  • Documentation of all reservation amendments by employees (change history)

Guest data

As a restaurateur, you may wonder why your restaurant needs a guest database. Especially the word “data” happens to trigger concerns in some people who worry about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. But before you leave this website now, we would like to briefly explain to you, why using a guest database can be relevant for your restaurant.

Using a CRM to create magic moments

For many years now, luxury hotel chains have been relying on software systems to internally communicate the personal preferences of their guests. This way, if a guest would be new to a particular hotel but not new to the hotel chain, he/she would receive a highly personalized service just as if he/she was a visitor before. Luxury hotel brands seek to create magical moments for their guests every time they visit in order to strengthen guest loyalty. Such guest management systems are also referred to as Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM).

Guest Management = Relationship Management

The purpose of a guest database is to bundle and store all the information known about the guest in one location. Here is an example of why this is useful:

A guest reserves a table for two at your restaurant and indicates that it is for a wedding anniversary. The service employee takes the reservation and leaves a corresponding note. On the evening of the reservation, your team will pamper the couple with excellent service, great food, and a little treat. At the end of the evening, the guests thank your team for the wonderful time they have had and leave.

Exactly one year later the couple books a table again at your restaurant. This time, however, the couple does not mention its wedding anniversary. The old reservation book has been replaced with the latest annual addition and you have a lot of new employees now. As usual, your team provides a good service to the couple and they have a pleasant evening. And yet, something was missing. Noone in your current team knows of the couple’s special day. What a wasted chance for a successful relationship building!

With the help of resmio’s guest management system, even new service staff can easily recognize whether reservations are new guests or returning guests. Name, contact information, date of last visit and available notes are available to you and your team with just one click.