Your Google Ads assistant

Google Ads for restaurants

Many users of Google’s search engine are unaware that the first three displayed results in a search ranking are usually advertisements. Actual “organic” search results are found below them, starting at position 4 and continue from there onwards. If your restaurant’s website isn’t ranking on page 1 yet, you can still take advantage of this fact to get found online by guests. How’s that? With a well-made advertisement using Google Ads.

  • Create a Google Ads account directly via resmio
  • Promote your restaurant page or an offer
  • Ad broadcast automatically adjusts to your region
  • Choose your own budget > at least 3 EUR per day
  • Set your preferred broadcast duration and start time/date
  • Review ready-made performance reports

Convenient restaurant advertising via resmio

Usually, if you intend to use Google Ads you will have to create your own account. But for many gastronomers, who in general don’t have much to do with online marketing, this service is not so easy to use as one might think. The risk of making expensive beginner mistakes is quite real. Particularly in cities, restaurant owners outsource online marketing activities to professional agencies. As an inexperienced layman, you hardly have a chance of successfully placing an advertisement for your restaurant in a prominent spot on a search results page.

At resmio we hire experts who do online marketing for a living and who have come up with a cool inbuilt feature so that you can benefit as well. To begin, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your resmio account
  2. Click in the bottom left corner on Your account resmio WebApp | Account and then on Plans & Add-ons
  3. Scroll all the way down until you find the add-on Google Ads > click on Request > a pop-up window will open
  4. First, choose your daily budget
  5. Select the starting date for your advertisement
  6. Select how long the ad should run for (duration)
  7. Select the language the ad should be broadcasted in
  8. Check if all information are correct
  9. Tick one of the boxes so that we know if the ad promotes your restaurant or an offer
  10. Last but not least you can leave your contact information and a message for us

That’s it! The advertisement will be reviewed and processed by our team. If we have any questions, we will contact you directly via the phone number or email address you provided.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is a service provided by Google that allows you to place online ads. Many people don’t notice these ads on Google at all, because they look almost identical to normal search results. This so-called search engine advertising (SEA) usually occupies the first three places on the search results page. Try it out! Just enter “Restaurant” and the name of your city into Google. In the top places you will find restaurants from your region and in each of these first three search results, you will find a little box indicating it is an ad.

What do I need Google Ads for?

Google is the most used search engine in many countries and about 90 percent of all mobile phone users search for nearby services on daily basis. In the USA alone, the term “restaurant” is googled around 25 million times a month. It is highly likely that many potential guests in your country will use the service to find restaurants in a particular location as well. Surveys show that the overwhelming majority of guests inform themselves online in advance about a restaurant, its offerings and its ratings. Restaurants that do not appear on the first page in the search results have a much lower chance of being found.

Our restaurant page is already among the top 10 on Google

Congratulations! That’s really good. In this particular situation, you might be more inclined to refrain from using Google Ads. But some cheeky restaurants, whose website isn’t ranking well yet, might use a little trick to get a great position on a search results page: they place an ad and simply bid on the name of your restaurant. Morally this is questionable but legally accepted.

How does Google Ads work?

Explaining the service in great detail would probably bore you to death. So let’s keep it short!

Placing an ad successfully on Google is not that easy. Let’s take a closer look. The ad service works according to the principle of an auction. Here is an example:

Three Greek restaurants from Berlin each want to place an advertisement for their restaurant on Google. Each restaurant places a bid for an amount it is willing to pay for one click:

  • Restaurant 1 = 0.25 Cent per click
  • Restaurant 2 = 0.50 Cent per click
  • Restaurant 3 = 0.75 Cent per click

Each bid is secret. That means restaurant 1 doesn’t know what restaurant 2 and restaurant 3 offered. And vice versa. Restaurant 3 has the highest bid – but this mean it will win the best spot? No! The bid amount alone does not determine an ad’s position on the search rank results page.

To calculate the so-called Ad Rank, Google also looks at the quality of the ad and compares it with similar ads. This is because the search engine has the declared goal of showing users the best possible results. Let’s return to our example:

A guest now enters a search query on Google with the termsGreek” “Restaurant” “Berlin“. The following search results will appear:

  1. Restaurant 2
  2. Restaurant 3
  3. Restaurant 1

How did Restaurant 2 manage to be ranked #1? The rank of the ads (AdRank) results from the quality factor multiplied with the bid amount. Google showed all three ads on top of page 1, because they all appear to have high relevance for the guest. Finally, all three ads contain the right keywords “Greek” “restaurant” “Berlin”. However, the websites of restaurant 1 and restaurant 3 may not be as good as the website of restaurant 2. Since restaurant 3 has also placed a higher bid amount per click than restaurant 1, it is displayed in second place.

Note: The quality factor is very important for the position of your ad. The more relevant your keywords, your ad and your website are to guests, the better your ad will perform.

What does Google Ads cost?

Google Ads works on the principles of an auction and a bid here is called Cost-Per-Click (CPC). As a bidder, you can decide for yourself what amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. If this is e.g. 0.50 EUR then your bid or the CPC is 0.50 EUR.

Note: The highest bidder does not necessarily win. Because Google Ads is based on the principle of a second price auction (Vickrey Auction). We better use our example to explain what this means:

  • Restaurant 2 has the highest ad rank
  • Restaurant 3 has second highest ad ranking
  • Restaurant 1 has lowest ad rank

The ad rank results from the respective bid of the restaurant multiplied by its quality factor (CPC x Quality Score). Assuming the three restaurants have the following quality factors (Quality Scores):

  • Restaurant 2 = 1,9
  • Restaurant 3 = 1,0
  • Restaurant 1 = 1,4

In a second prize auction, the winner does not pay the amount of his own bid but the amount of the second highest bid.

  • Restaurant 2 = 0,75 EUR / 1,9 = 0,39 EUR

Thus, for place 1, restaurant 2 did not only pay less than restaurant 3’s bid but also less than his own bid of 0,50 EUR.

Summary: The best advertisement for your gastronomy doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive.