COVID 19 Support Package

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Covid 19 Support for restaurant businesses
You have the will to do it, we offer your the right tools for the job!

Our first aid kit for your restaurant – with our ordering and voucher services you are set up for the future.

The COVID 19 pandemic faces restaurateurs with tough challenges. Get over the obstacles by putting your restaurant business on the road to success with a digital solution. resmio supports you with a support package that includes all digital tools you need to manage the situation. All without risk and without obligation.


Guest Check-in via QR Code

Collect relevant guest data easily and conveniently via self-check-in through QR Code.

No matter if you manage a bar, a café, a pub or a traditional restaurant: The acquisition of customer data for contact tracking purposes is mandatory in some locations. Simple, secure and without effort is the guest registration at Corona times in the gastronomy with resmio.

QR Check-in Tool for Restaurants

Smooth guest service

Your guests scan the QR code with their own smartphone, enter their contact details themselves and check in with a tap of their finger. That’s it! When visiting again, the registration runs even faster thanks to the reminder function.


Data protection compliant & secure

All contact data is automatically sorted and stored in your secure database, which is protected from unauthorized access. After four weeks at the latest, all data is deleted.


Fulfill authority duties

If authorities request the aggregated contact data, you can export and share it as a .csv file with just a few mouse clicks.


Ordering system for your Takeaway & delivery service

Ready to go: Pick-up and delivery service for your restaurant

Digital menu

Optimize your dining experience on your website and on Google. Any changes to dishes can be made in a snap.


Sales through take-out

Sell your dishes for pickup and delivery right from your digital menu. Embed the ordering service on your website and social networks.


One step ahead of your competitors

Through our partnership with Google, you will automatically receive the coveted “Order Online” button in your Google profile and thus attract more guests.

All major payment methods already included

Our free service during the Corona crisis
We create your menu with up to 50 individual dishes in resmio!


Make more profit with vouchers

Sell gift vouchers to bridge difficult times

Due to lockdowns, most tables in your restaurant remained unoccupied. Selling tickets, coupons and vouchers to your (most loyal) guests can at least partially compensate for lost sales and help you to bear running costs.

Our tip: Offer attractive packages and discount promotions (e.g. 20% off Sunday brunch, 3-course menu). Keep the purchasing process and redemption conditions as simple as possible..

vouchers for restaurant businesses

Online Table Reservation System

Automation, capacity control, online waiting list & more

Ready for use

Our convenient online reservation form (“widget”) is embedded on the website, Google and Facebook and many other channels in a few minutes.


Full overview

All reservations via your website and Google are automatically transferred to your digital reservation book. Here you will find all bookings with reservation status clearly sorted.



Adjust capacity to meet regulatory requirements and your own conditions. Online waiting list for guests at times when your restaurant is fully booked. Customizable guest notifications and much more.

Compatible with 99% of all content management systems

resmio Wordpress Integration
resmio Squarespace Integration

Communicate your actions!

Let’s start with the most important thing: Don’t wait for your guests to contact you or stumble across your website. Instead, focus on active engagement with your customers.”

Inform guests about your changed offer – maybe with a catchy slogan (“We deliver, you enjoy your meal: Get your favorite burger at home!”). Ask for support (#supportyourlocal), but don’t forget to share what you’re offering in return.

Actively guide guests to your offer by posting a link to your digital menu or by providing a phone number for ordering services. Use WhatsApp as an additional channel to enable even more customers to order food.

Summarize your new order and payment process in a short post. Instead of using only a text, you can create a nice infographic or even a video. It’s not so important that your text, image or video meets professional standards.

Communication is not a one-way street. So please don’t forget to answer questions of your guests on facebook, instagram and other social media channels. Be always polite and respectful.

How to get the most out of your online channels

Google My Business

➥ Make sure to adjust opening times in your business profile to the current circumstances.

➥ Enter the URL to your takeaway or delivery service in your business profile under “Info” → “Menu link”

➥ Use the “posts” feature to promote your takeaway offer


➥ Keep your followers informed about your restaurant offer via the “Stories” feature; post e.g. photos of your most delicious dishes, give them a glimpse behind the scenes (show how your team is fully committed to your guests)

➥ Ask your guests to post a photo of the dishes you have delivered and tag your Instagram profile with @YourAccount – this will make the guest’s followers aware of your restaurant.


➥ Post regularly, around 2-3 posts per week. Use meaningful photos, keep your posts short (posts with 50 characters in length generally achieve more engagement)

➥ If possible, share a link to your digital menu

➥ Make changes to your services (currently only possible via the Facebook app under “page settings” > “Update page info”> “opening times”)

➥ Share your offer in suitable Facebook groups (Support your Local …) in order to reach potential guests in the area



➥ Your e-mail newsletter subscribers are usually your most loyal customers. Show them that you care and provide exclusive benefits such as special discounts.

➥ Show your subscribers how they can support you in the current situation, e.g. through buying vouchers. Remember to lead them to your digital menu by providing a link. Use a clear call-to-action (e.g. button) in your mail.

➥ Not all emails are opened by your subscribers, so send a short reminder (approx. 1 week after the first mail). Nobody likes spam, so be sure to stay within the limits.