Your restaurant's performance stats: analyses & reports

With the resmio software you can find out how many table reservations you receive online and manually on average per day, per week or per month. This shows whether or not your advertising is successful for certain offers.

  • Number of online reservations
  • Number of manual reservations
  • Number of guests today / last 7 days / last 30 days
  • Reservation source
  • Number of reservation tool interactions
  • Reservation rate
  • Number of regular guests per month
  • Average group size

How well is your restaurant performing?

With electronic cash registers or cash register apps, e.g. for the iPad, you can already gain a lot of information about the pulse of a restaurant. But the data of these software systems are usually based on historical values (“What has happened so far”). With our analysis tools you gain a small glimpse into the future (“What is likely going to happen”).

Revenue management in the hotel industry

Yield management has been around for many years in the international hotel industry. Hotels pursue the goal of generating the highest possible yield per room within a certain period of time. The key term here is “REVPAR” which stands for Revenue per Available Room. The higher the REVPAR, the more successful the hotel.

What is RevPASH?

More and more restaurants are applying the revenue management principles, especially to bridge low turnover periods. The keyword here is not REVPAR but “RevPASH”, which stands for Revenue Per Available Seat Hour. The RevPASH is calculated as follows:

Total restaurant turnover / (Available seats x hours open)


You have 40 seats at your restaurant and would like to calculate your RevPASH for the month of April. This month has 30 days. Your restaurant is open 7 days a week from 12:00 noon to 22:00 pm. So 10 hours daily.

  • 30 days x 10 hours = 300 hours open in the month of April

Let’s say your restaurant has generated sales of 50.000 Euro in the month of April. This results in the following formula:

50.000 EUR turnover / (300 hours x 40 seats) =

50,000 EUR / 12,000 = 4.16 EUR

Per guest per hour, you have got a turnover of 4,16 EUR.

A question of the optimal utilization

In order to increase turnover per guest, you must first analyze and evaluate the following variables:

  • How many guests come to your restaurant daily / weekly / monthly?
  • How much time do guests spend on average in your restaurant?
  • How high is the average receipt per table or guest?
  • How often do tables and chairs remain empty?
  • What measures* can be taken to avoid idle time?
  • Which high-turnover foods or beverages are easy to promote (upselling)?

*like Happy Hour, Early Bird, out-of-home deliveries, and so on.

With the help of resmio’s analysis tool, you can retrieve reliable statistics on your restaurant’s future occupancy and make informed decisions. The stats will tell the truth if a particular promotion leads to more reservations or not. Note: A reservation is only a promise of a possible business in the future but the more reservations you have, the better the business can be planned. This is particularly important when optimizing the deployment of personnel.